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One Piece Chapter 1067 Spoiler: Jaguar D Saul Becomes a Key Character in the Final Arc?

Jaguar D. Saul unexpectedly appeared after all this time was thought to be dead.

In the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1067 manga series, it seems that the focus of fans will be on Saul.

So far, Saul is known for saving the life of Nico Robin from Aokiji when Ohara Island was attacked by the Buster Call by the World Government.

However, in One Piece 1067 will Saul reveal the secret of what happened on Ohara Island?

Saul himself is known to appear in flashbacks that show Robin's childhood on the island of Ohara.

He is known as a friendly giant who is also a Navy vice admiral.

After a long time the fans thought he had frozen to death by Aokiji, Saul then appeared in One Piece 1066.

He was seen leading the giants in evacuating the books of the Ohara Island archaeologists hidden in a lake.

At that time, Saul was seen wearing bandages all over his body which indicated that he was seriously injured by the World Government's attack.

Not only that, in One Piece 1067 it is also likely that Saul is one of the characters who contributed to moving books from Ohara Island to Elbaf Island.

However, until One Piece 1067 there is still little information that can be known about Saul.

However, surely fans already know that Saul is still trying to preserve the spirit of Ohara Island in upholding science.

Fans also predict that Saul will be one of the key figures in the final arc of One Piece.

The reason, Saul most likely already mastered all the books found on the island of Ohara.

Maybe this can make Luffy and his friends provide new information regarding the Age of Void.

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