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One Piece: 5 Reasons Aokiji Joined Blackbeard Revealed!

One Piece: 5 Reasons Aokiji Joined Blackbeard Revealed!

The fact about Aokiji joining Blackbeard surprised many fans. 

The reason is, no one guessed this would happen. In the world of One Piece, how marines turn into pirates is nothing new. 

We can see the figure of Diez Barrels or several other characters. 

However, how a former admiral decided to join a pirate group clearly surprised many.

In fact, not only the fans, the Gorosei didn't even expect that Aokiji decided to join Blackbeard. 

What then made Aokiji want to join Blackbeard is still a mystery to this day. 

Even so, there are some speculations that arise among fans. 

Then, what is the reason for Aokiji joining Blackbeard?

Capture Blackbeard

One Piece: 5 Reasons Aokiji Joined Blackbeard Revealed!

One theory that has been widely developed among fans is how Aokiji is actually part of SWORD. 

This is based on the Moral Justice that he adheres to, and not Absolute Justice as many marines adhere to. 

And we ourselves can see various clues from it. 

For example, he let Nico Robin live or freed the Straw Hats.

SWORD itself is a secret group from the Marine whose existence is not too much known. 

In fact, the Marine itself probably did not know this secret organization existed. 

Because it is confidential, it means that everything must be well planned and run without a trace. 

This is also what Aokiji tried to do to Blackbeard.

Aokiji (and the marines) realized that Blackbeard was one of the world's greatest threats. 

Thus, they needed to stop it so that no more problems would arise. 

However, catching them just like that is certainly not a good idea. 

This is the reason why Aokiji decided to go undercover in order to catch Blackbeard at the right time.

Want to Find One Piece

One Piece: 5 Reasons Aokiji Joined Blackbeard Revealed!

Even though the possibility is small, it's not impossible if Aokiji actually has a plan to find One Piece. 

And as we know, finding One Piece is not an easy thing to do. 

Because of that, he then looked for "help" which was in the figure of Blackbeard. 

Aokiji was sure that Blackbeard could do it.

In theory, it is explained that Aokiji's goal in finding the whereabouts of One Piece is to reveal the various secrets they have been keeping. 

Aokiji plans to reveal the secret to the world. 

The theory also confirms that Aokiji isn't actually evil, but he's just trying to change the world. 

The trick is to find the One Piece.

What's interesting is that the theory also explains that this could be due to Don Chinjao's words. 

The Dressrosa arc shows how Don Chinjao explains that only Blackbeard, a pirate, has the chance to find One Piece and become the king of the pirates. 

And Aokiji believed his words, which made him finally join Blackbeard.

Destroy the World Government

One Piece: 5 Reasons Aokiji Joined Blackbeard Revealed!

The reason for finding One Piece actually has something to do with the theory that Aokiji wants to destroy the World Government. 

As mentioned above, Aokiji alias Kuzan has never agreed with all the existing systems in the Marine – and the World Government. 

He thought that the philosophy of absolute justice was something that could not be justified.

Moreover, many innocent people became victims, an example of this is the Ohara destruction incident. 

How the World Government acts and works is considered to be one of the reasons why Aokiji decided to withdraw from the Marine and join Blackbeard. 

Like Garp and Sengoku, Aokiji is actually fed up with everything that exists.

However, Aokiji realized that he had neither the power nor the power to change or even destroy the World Government. 

Because of that, he needed the help of strength or "power" from another party which he later believed was in the figure of Blackbeard. 

Seeing how dangerous and destructive Blackbeard's potential is, it makes sense that Aokiji hopes for Blackbeard's help in destroying the World Government.

Akainu's Revenge

One Piece: 5 Reasons Aokiji Joined Blackbeard Revealed!

Previously, Sakazuki alias Akainu was appointed as a replacement candidate for Sengoku who decided to resign from his position as head of the Marine at headquarters. 

However, Aokiji rejected the plan. Aokiji then decided to fight against Sakazuki for the position.

Unfortunately, after days of fighting on Punk Hazard which even changed the situation in the region, finally Aokiji had to lose to Sakazuki. 

Even so, Aokiji still doesn't want to be under Sakazuki's control, so he decides to step down. 

Although it is never mentioned in the story, it feels like Aokiji still holds a big grudge against Akainu.

However, Aokiji also thought that he couldn't simply challenge Akainu to a fight because of his reputation for defeat. 

He also thought of another way to get revenge, namely by joining the other party. 

Actually, there were several options that Aokiji could choose from. 

In addition to pirates, Aokiji could also join a rebel group such as the Revolutionary Army.

However, Aokiji ultimately decided to join Blackbeard. 

By joining forces with the opposing side of the Marine and the World Government, it means that there is an opportunity for Aokiji to then be able to meet Akainu again one day. 

And when that moment comes, Aokiji will avenge his old life. Will Aokiji vs Akainu rematch happen

Have an Agenda

One Piece: 5 Reasons Aokiji Joined Blackbeard Revealed!

In addition to the various theories or speculations above, it could also be that Aokiji actually has his own agenda. 

Perhaps, Aokiji had a plan which was different from the speculations above. 

One example of another agenda of Aokiji is to restore his good name so that he can return to his position as admiral. 

It could also be that Aokiji intentionally joined Blackbeard to protect Nico Robin or Luffy.

One thing is for sure, Aokiji must have carefully considered his decision to leave the Marine and join Blackbeard's group. 

He knows the risks and all the things he will bear. 

However, he can still accept and run in order to realize the agenda. 

It will be interesting to know what the hidden plan is that Aokiji hasn't revealed as his reason for joining Blackbeard.

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