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One Piece: Blackbeard Is the Result of Vegapunk's Experiment?

One Piece: Blackbeard Is the Result of Vegapunk's Experiment?

Is the strangeness experienced by Blackbeard the result of the creation of the figure of Vegapunk? 

Does it mean that the intelligent scientist is responsible for everything that happens in Blackbeard's body? 

As you know, Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard has something different in his body. 

This is what makes him able to consume two devil fruits at once.

He is a user of the Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi devil fruits. 

This also raises a question mark among fans, about what really happened to Blackbeard's body. 

Marco himself explained that there was something strange in Blackbeard's body. 

According to him, Blackbeard had a "unique body structure".

Does it mean that his body has a peculiarity or uniqueness than a normal human body?

Unfortunately, until now all that is still a mystery. With the peculiarities of Blackbeard's body, many theories have developed among fans. 

For example in one theory it is explained that Yami Yami Blackbeard's devil fruit allows him to consume other devil fruits. 

However, there is an interesting theory if the strangeness is due to a mysterious man named Vegapunk.

Until now Vegapunk is still a mystery, his clone body has 6 different characters. 

He was also suspected of making experiments on Blackbeard.

Blackbeard's Weird

One Piece: Blackbeard Is the Result of Vegapunk's Experiment?

As mentioned above, Blackbeard has many oddities in his body. 

For example, the first is how his body structure is different from normal humans. 

Marco himself still doesn't know what really happened to Blackbeard's body. 

And Oda still hasn't given an explanation about it.

The strangeness in Blackbeard's body makes him now able to consume two devil fruits at once. 

Then, another oddity is how Blackbeard is able to survive without resting. 

In this case, Blackbeard was able to continue to survive without sleep. In fact, normal humans certainly need sleep time to rest or recover energy.

This can be seen in Whitebeard's fight against Roger, where Shanks and Buggy realized that Blackbeard had not slept for three days of the fight. 

In fact, Buggy had information that Blackbeard had never slept in his entire life. 

The last known oddity of Blackbeard so far is that he is able to steal the power of the devil fruit.

How Blackbeard can steal the power of the devil fruit makes him a dangerous figure. 

There have been many victims as a result of this. 

However, whether this is the effect of Yami Yami's devil fruit or is there another effect of his body being able to do this is still a mystery. 

What is certain is that this is also one of the peculiarities of Blackbeard's figure.

As a result of Vegapunk?

One Piece: Blackbeard Is the Result of Vegapunk's Experiment?

There is an interesting theory that says that Blackbeard is actually Vegapunk's creation. 

What does it mean?

In this case, Vegapunk is responsible for what happened to Blackbeard, including all the oddities above. 

The theory explains that the strangeness in Blackbeard's body is the result of experiments that Vegapunk did in the past.

Vegapunk then conducted a trial against Blackbeard, where he made him a vessel for two devil fruit powers. 

However, before Vegapunk finished the trial he had already fled. 

In the One Piece story itself, Vegapunk has often conducted trials on living things, in this case humans. An obvious example is Bartholomew Kuma.

Vegapunk is the person responsible for transforming Kuma's human body into a Pacifista as well as a cyborg. 

Then, in chapter 1066 we also see how Vegapunk is different from 20 years ago and now. 

We can see this difference from the size of its head, which in the past was very large. 

Meanwhile, at the present time, the size of his head has shrunk drastically.

And clearly, there are surgical scars on his head which indicate that he had surgery on his own body. 

Based on that, the theory that Blackbeard was the creation of Vegapunk is quite reasonable. 

Moreover, Vegapunk is also known to have conducted trials or conducted experiments since he was young. 

And the proof is the blueprint on the island of Karakuri.

In one of the SBS columns, Oda Sensei explained that Blackbeard came from an island with a snow climate. 

Perhaps, Blackbeard came from the island of Karakuri. Because, it was there that Vegapunk created Blackbeard. 

And the quirks, such as not being able to sleep as well as changes in his body structure, were probably side effects of the experiment.

Blackbeard's Weaknesses

One Piece: Blackbeard Is the Result of Vegapunk's Experiment?

Because Blackbeard is Vegapunk's creation, it means he knows the ins and outs of Blackbeard's figure including his weaknesses. 

Maybe, Vegapunk will tell Luffy about the weakness of his potential opponent. 

As Oda Sensei once said in the SBS column, Vegapunk will provide an explanation of the secret of the devil fruit that has been a question for fans.

It could be that, apart from revealing secrets about devil fruits, Vegapunk will also provide an explanation of the weaknesses of devil fruits. And including how to beat Blackbeard. 

In the fight against Law in the previous chapter, Blackbeard realized that sea water was their enemy and weakness. 

However, he accepted it as a risk.

However, there might actually be another weakness that no one else knows about and only Vegapunk knows about it. 

Because of that, Luffy and the Straw Hat crew might be the ones who know Blackbeard's weakness. 

Vegapunk himself may be aware that one day Luffy will fight against his rival. 

And telling him his weakness is his way of helping Luffy.

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