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One Piece: Buggy's Devil Fruit Awakening Revealed?

One Piece: Buggy's Devil Fruit Awakening Revealed?

Chapter 1053 of the One Piece manga series is still a hot topic for fans to this day. 

This is natural, because in the chapter itself, various epic and interesting things are revealed. 

For example, we know the new bounty of the Worst Generation pirates. 

Then, we also finally get to see how the real Green Bull is.

However, what caught the attention of fans the most was how the World Government announced two new Yonko to replace Kaido and Big Mom. 

And what is surprising is how the figure of Buggy the clown later became one of them, besides Monkey D. Luffy. 

Fans were surprised how the figure of Buggy, who was notoriously lacking in strength, could become a ruler of the ocean.

One Piece: Buggy's Devil Fruit Awakening Revealed?

As you know, Buggy is an underrated character because of his abilities and character. 

Buggy is rarely shown fighting or facing strong foes. 

The fans consider that luck is a very prominent thing in Buggy. 

And that was the reason why he could be where he was now.

However, talking about Buggy's figure, his strength, and also his reason for being a Yonko, there is an interesting theory that has emerged among fans. In theory, Buggy might awaken his devil fruit powers. 

And this may also be the reason he became a Yonko. 

Buggy's devil fruit is actually a very powerful devil fruit.

Buggy's Devil Fruit Awakening

One Piece: Buggy's Devil Fruit Awakening Revealed?

Fans of the One Piece series are still debating how the potential of Buggy's figure is, what his devil fruit can do, and what his devil fruit can do when he awakens. 

Buggy is the owner of a Paramecia type devil fruit, namely Bara Bara no Mi. 

The devil fruit allows all his limbs to separate within a certain range.

The devil fruit allows Buggy to survive various attacks or threats. 

For example, when Buggy is hit by Mihawk's attack, his body will not be affected because from the beginning his body was able to separate and then re-unite. 

Or when he was in Impel Down, where Buggy was able to survive various traps and other terrible things.

Not a few consider this Buggy devil fruit to be one of the underrated devil fruits. 

However, what then becomes a question is what kind of devil fruit awakening is it? 

Paramecia are famous for being able to influence their surroundings or their environment, when successfully resurrected. 

Based on this, fans believe Buggy will be able to split and reshape an island or other aspects that are around him, when he awakens his devil fruit.

However, another fan presented a different theory regarding the awakening of Buggy's devil fruit. 

A Twitter user by the name of @worvem, recently uploaded a tweet about the reason Buggy became a Yonko. 

According to him, the reason Buggy became a Yonko was because he finally succeeded in awakening the power of the Bara Bara no Mi devil fruit.

Basically, the fan theorized that Buggy's awakening would be able to split or destroy its surroundings in atomic form. 

However, Wovem himself believes that that's not all Buggy can do. 

Worvem said he had his theory a few years ago. 

According to him, Buggy will be able to split or destroy objects to the atomic level when he awakens his devil fruit.

The Power of Awakening Bara Bara No Mi

One Piece: Buggy's Devil Fruit Awakening Revealed?

By being able to split objects to the atomic level, Wovem believes that Buggy will be able to create a nuclear explosion, which makes him a bombastic clown. 

And what's interesting, that's what later became the nickname that the World Government gave to Buggy as we can see in his hunted poster – Bombastic Clown.

However, another fan explained that to create a nuclear explosion in the real world, the atoms need to be very close together and very close together. 

Wovem himself then responded to this, saying even though it was true, but Oda did not seem to be too concerned with details like that.

Other fans also disagree with Wovem's theory, where they say that the word "bombastic" has nothing to do with explosions or anything. 

The theory that Buggy would be able to split atoms on paper is actually quite plausible. 

Although fans are debating the realistic side of it, as Wovem points out that Oda probably won't really care about it.

The most interesting thing is that there is another theory which states that Buggy's awakening devil fruit is not only capable of creating nuclear explosions. 

Buggy will also be able to split the earth. 

However, the most likely theory about Buggy being able to split the earth could be just a joke.

Even so, the theory about him being able to split atoms may be Oda will make it happen in the future in One Piece.

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