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4 Strongest Magic in Mushoku Tensei


Roxy & Rudi Mushoku Tensei

Over Power Magic in Mushoku Tensei

When discussing Mushoku Tensei it will never end, there are many of intriguing things that can be explored from this anime.

One of them is about magic in the Mushoku Tensei realm. There, the complexity and mana consumption of the magic are broken down into seven tiers.

The following article can be read by those who are still unaware of Mushoku Tensei's magic levels:

Of these levels, there are several magics that have enormous power. The resulting effects are also no joke.

So, for those of you who are curious about what magic is, here are the 4 strongest magics in the world of Mushoku Tensei.

4 Strongest Magic in Mushoku Tensei

Rudeus Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

1. Absolute Zero

This is an advanced form of Frost Nova magic that can freeze foes across a wide area at the imperial level.

Unlike Frost Nova, which is only on the surface, Absolute Zero has a freezing level that is actually solid, which enhances the freezing effect even more.

2. Dragon Gate

One known user of this magic is Orsted. If you use this magic, the user will summon a gate object with dragon ornaments.

The gate is capable of absorbing and dispelling large-scale bombardment magic attacks. For low level magic it will immediately disappear.

3. Disturb Magic

First used by Orsted against Rudi. This magic can cancel the opponent's magic technique instantly.

By stacking the opponent's magic energy with pure magic energy, the opponent's magic will instantly disappear. Disturb magic is now one of Rudi's magic spells when fighting after he learned from his defeat against Orsted.

4. Nuclear Explosion

It is magic created by Rudi. He first used it against Orsted. By imagining a large explosion, Rudi strengthened his fire magic using a large amount of his mana.

The damaging impact of this magic is very large, it can even burn down a large forest, even though the forest is not directly affected by the magic.

So, those are some of the strongest magics in Mushoku Tensei, actually there are still lots of interesting magics in anime, so next time let's discuss it together!

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