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How Can Kuma Come Back to Life in One Piece?

How Can Kuma Come Back to Life in One Piece?

Bartholomew Kuma has lost his humanity and is believed to be deceased, but there is a way to bring him back to life. 

What happened to Kuma is a tragic tale where he had to lose his memories and human side. 

As Vegapunk mentioned earlier, it's essentially like ending his life. 

However, a theory has emerged among fans about how Kuma could potentially return to life.

Kuma is Already Dead

How Can Kuma Come Back to Life in One Piece?

In a flashback, Bartholomew Kuma is shown reluctantly agreeing to the conditions set by Gorosei Saturn to cure Bonney of a rare disease she suffered from. 

He is then transformed into a cyborg without feelings and thoughts. 

Vegapunk initially rejected the idea, but lacking any authority, he eventually had to comply with the Gorosei's wishes.

The ongoing flashback in chapter 1101 explains that Kuma had only two years to completely lose his human side. 

The Revolutionary Army was aware of this change and realized that something was wrong with Kuma. 

Interestingly, Vegapunk has memories of Bartholomew Kuma stored in a room in Egghead.

Even Bonney has discovered this memory balloon and has seen its contents, despite it being forbidden to touch. 

Based on this, it means that Kuma has truly lost his humanity because he has no memory of his life. 

The question then arises: does this mean Kuma is already dead?

Referring to Vegapunk's statement, the answer is yes. 

Kuma is considered dead because he no longer has memories in his head. So, what led Kuma to go to Egghead? 

Currently, this remains a mystery, although Vegapunk hints that it is related to love.

In chapter 1104, it was shown that Kuma could no longer move after exerting all his strength against Saturn. It's possible that Kuma used the remnants of his power to go to Egghead. 

After successfully striking Saturn, Kuma then truly had no more strength left, indicating his actual demise.

How Kuma Came Back to Life

How Can Kuma Come Back to Life in One Piece?

One important note from the information about Kuma is that it is very likely that he can no longer be human as before. 

Vegapunk himself even admitted this to Bonney. 

When Bonney forces Vegapunk to return his father back to normal, Vegapunk insists that he cannot do it. 

And this will also be difficult to achieve.

Then, does this mean that Kuma can come back to life? 

Considering that Kuma has lost all his memories, his body has lost its human side, and how Kuma can no longer move, then the conclusion is that it is very unlikely that Kuma will be able to return to life as before. 

Bartholomew Kuma has really finished the One Piece story.

However, there is an interesting theory that has emerged among fans regarding this matter. 

The theory itself states that there is a way for Kuma to return to life. 

How to? 

Namely by swapping bodies between Kuma and the ancient robot in Egghead. 

In fact, apart from the body, Vegapunk might exchange Kuma's mind and determination with the robot.

In the previous chapter, it was shown how the Ancient Robot was just lying in a room that was a dumping ground for Vegapunk's creations. 

For tens or even hundreds of years the robot did not move. 

However, in chapter 1092 it was shown that the robot's eyes started to light up again when the drum sound of Nika's freedom was heard.

So, what does this have to do with Kuma coming back to life? 

Both Vegapunk and the Revolutionary Army are heirs or successors to the determination of the Ohara scholars. Vegapunk once said that many scientists tried to revive the robot, but failed. 

However, what Vegapunk didn't know until now was that Luffy - or Nika's strength - was something that was the main key.

With Luffy currently in Egghead, scientists' experiments to revive the Ancient Robot could be as successful as Vegapunk did by creating a clone of Kaido's devil fruit. 

With help from Vegapunk, he will likely use the same as Kuma's devil fruit powers to draw out any remaining memories and emotions.

Vegapunk then transferred all of this to the existing ancient robot. 

Only the sound of the drum of freedom from Nika remains the final moment to revive the robot and everything will be finished. 

Chapter 1105 itself shows how the Pacifista have started to destroy Egghead Island. 

However, with the remaining time, this could be a way to turn things around.

The Role of Ancient Robots

How Can Kuma Come Back to Life in One Piece?

You might ask why the Ancient Robot was the way to save Kuma. 

With the current situation, the chances of the Straw Hat crew surviving are very small. 

Gorosei Saturn has proven that he is an opponent who is not easy to beat thanks to his devil fruit powers. 

Kuma has now fallen, which means the most logical opponent for Saturn is Luffy.

Luffy's condition is currently still not fully recovered after he used a lot of stamina to use Gear 5 to defeat Kizaru. 

And when facing the Gorosei Saturn itself, Luffy will clearly use the power of Gear 5 again. 

And as explained above, if the Ancient Robot's power awakens after hearing Luffy's drumbeat of freedom, this means that during the fight against the Gorosei, this Ancient Robot will be able to have several roles.

The first role definitely helps defeat the Gorosei Saturn. 

Hundreds of years ago, this robot attacked Mary Geoise and made everyone afraid. 

However, the robot then suddenly stopped because it ran out of power, which is probably when the drums of freedom could no longer be heard. 

The power of the Ancient Robot can certainly be used to destroy the Gorosei or at least help weaken it.

The second role is that the Ancient Robot can carry out tasks as additional strength. 

In this case, the Ancient Robot could be a force to destroy the Pacifistas or weapons controlled by the navy and other Gorosei. 

On the other hand, this Ancient Robot can also help Brook and Lilith to save the Thousand Sunny from Egghead Island.

So, in conclusion, in an emergency situation like now Vegapunk can use the body of an Ancient Robot to bring Kuma back to life. 

The method is to transfer Kuma's thoughts, emotions and spirit to the Ancient Robot's body by utilizing the results of the Nikyu Nikyu devil fruit research that he has carried out.

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