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Attack on Titan: The History of the Battle of Marley and Eldian!

Attack on Titan: The History of the Battle of Marley and Eldian!

In the first season of the Attack on Titan series, Armin and Eren are curious about what lies behind the walls that surround the island of Paradis. 

As the story progresses, not only do they find out that the world is bigger than they previously thought, but they also realize that there are other nations besides the Eldians.

They also had to accept the harsh fact that people all over the world viewed the Eldians as the demons of the world. 

With those who lived behind the walls completely ignorant of anything for years, they also naturally didn't know what made the Marleys and the rest of the world consider them, the Eldians, to be demons. 

Willy Tybur in episode 5 in the last season yesterday had revealed this long history.

Why Marley Considers Eldian a Devil

Attack on Titan: The History of the Battle of Marley and Eldian!

Long before the Survey Corps troops found out the facts about Marley, the Eldians who did not live within the walls of Paradis Island were experiencing the same bullying. 

They are all equally called as demons or the embodiment of the devil. 

Why then did they regard the Eldians as demons?

According to story books or history books written by Marley, about 1800 years ago, Ymir Fritz is told to make a pact with the devil to get the power of Titan. 

And when he died, his power was then split into nine types of Titan, which later became the beginning of the founding of the Eldian kingdom.

They also succeeded in subjugating Marley, and took control of the entire continent and attacked anyone who was not part of the Eldian nation. 

In effect, the genocide carried out by the Eldian kingdom lasted for centuries. 

It wasn't until the Great Titan War that the Marleys saw an opportunity to defeat the Eldians.

Marley's hero, Helos, along with the Tybur family, then deceives the Eldian kingdom into giving up their power, and forces King Fritz, the owner of the Founding Titan's power, to flee to the island of Paradis with his people. 

However, the king of Fritz himself still had power, and so did the Titan army which numbered in the millions.

They are still waiting for orders from the owner of the Founding Titan's power to level humanity. 

This is the reason why then Marley's party sent the Warrior Unit troops to Paradis Island, to seek and obtain the Founding Titan's power so that the Rumbling moment did not occur.

Not What You Think

Attack on Titan: The History of the Battle of Marley and Eldian!

Even though world history considered those on Paradis Island, along with the other Eldians outside the island to be demons, some of them didn't believe it. 

They are the Eldian Restorationist group, or a group that wants Eldian to return to its former glory.

Some of the known Eldian Restorationists are Grisha Yeager and Eren Kruger. 

In episode 20 in the third season yesterday, Eren Kruger once gave a document to Grisha that gave an explanation of Ymir's figure. 

And in the document, Ymir's figure is different from what the world believes.

Although they did not understand the language written in the document, based on the images as well as their beliefs, the Eldian Restorationists believed that Ymir awakened the Titan's power not to destroy the world. 

Instead Ymir wants to improve agriculture or agriculture as well as infrastructure, and help people to live better lives.

They also discover the fact that the real reason King Fritz went to Paradis Island was not because he ran away, but rather that he refused to fight and inflicted more casualties and hatred on the Eldians.

What's Really Happening

Attack on Titan: The History of the Battle of Marley and Eldian!

Because the power of the Warhammer Titan has been passed down from the Tybur family for generations, they also inherit the memory or memory of their ancestors. 

Because of that, they found out what really happened behind the conflict between Eldian and Marley. 

As revealed by Willy, Helos and the Tybur family did not stop the Great Titan War.

The real person who stopped all of that was king Fritz himself. 

Karl Fritz at that time was horrified and frightened when he learned the history of the Eldian kingdom, and King Fritz felt burdened by the suffering that the Marleys had endured for years due to the pressure of the Eldian kingdom, which was once so powerful.

When Karl Fritz inherited the power of the Founding Titan, he teamed up with the Tybur family to create a fake hero to be used as the subject of their propaganda. 

The fake hero was none other than Helos. 

When the figure of Helos is considered a hero who has stopped the war, Fritz then moves with most of his people to the island of Paradis.

Since King Fritz couldn't bring all the Eldians to Paradis Island, he let some of them stay in the outside world.

On the island of Paradis, King Fritz then built great walls to protect its inhabitants from attacks from the outside world. The walls are made of Titan's body.

King Fritz swore that whoever tried to interfere with their existence, he would use the entire Titan Wall to flatten the world. 

It was actually another lie invented by the king of Fritz, solely to avoid the outside world from trying to attack them and it managed to persist for decades to hundreds of years later.

King Fritz then erased the memories of the entire Eldian nation, and inherited his oath to his descendants who inherited the power of the Founding Titan. 

King Fritz himself had prepared everything if the Marleys succeeded in destroying the island of Paradis.

To the king of Fritz, the sins of the Eldian kingdom that had been made for centuries were truly unforgivable and intolerable. 

He also chose to isolate himself, and enjoy a brief peace, rather than having to continue to feel the suffering of the Eldians and Marleys. 

For the sake of peace, King Fritz is willing to "sell" the Eldians to Marley.

Although the actual history between Marley and Eldian's relationship has been manipulated in such a way for a long time, this time everyone will really feel how awesome the power of the Eldians is with Zeke and Eren's grand plan that will flatten and destroy the world.

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