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One Piece Chapter 1066 Spoiler: Luffy Will Meet the Real Vegapunk

In One Piece chapter 1066 there will be many interesting things that have been revealed, the main one being about Dragon and Vegapunk.

The title of One Piece chapter 1066 this time is entitled Ohara's Will.

In the story of One Piece chapter 1066, the first point shows the figures of Dragon and Vegapunk who are on Ohara Island after the Island was destroyed by the World Government.

Then Dragon and Vegapunk also knew Professor Clover.

After the heartbreaking incident that happened to Ohara, Dragon decided to form the Revo Army.

In this chapter 1066, Dragon decides to form an army and to his surprise, it is revealed that a group of giants brought all the ohara books to Elbaf.

The group was led by someone with bandages all over his body and finally at the end of the chapter, Luffy also met the real Vegapunk.

Vegapunk tells Luffy that he knows Luffy is Dragon's Son.

Vegapunk already knew Luffy was coming to Egg Head Island.

Meanwhile, many are asking, will Vegapunk's original appearance be revealed and what will it look like in this chapter?

Damn, this is going to be a chapter that will really unravel a lot of mysteries

Many had thought that Dragon and Vegapunk were closely related or that they seemed to know each other.

However, the spoiler chapter 1066 explains that, they both know it's Ohara.

It's interesting to talk about Vegapunk, why does he know Ohara, is he really from Ohara?

If that's true, he could indeed be a spy to get into the World Government by getting some funding for its facilities with revolutionary aims.

It would be interesting too if he had anything to do with Niko Robin

Then the interesting thing is, there is a group of giants who try to save the books from Ohara then they take them to Elbaf.

The giants are indeed closely related to Elbaf, aren't they, which means that we may all be right in the assumption that the age of emptiness is very close to the so-called race of giants.

It could be that Eiichiro Oda will dismantle it in the next Elbaf Arc.

Interestingly, this group of giants was led by a person with bandages all over his body.

Was this the person Eustass Kid was referring to?

Is there any chance that this person is the real Vegapunk who managed to escape the Buster Call incident in Ohara yesterday.

And finally Vegapunk was really waiting for Luffy's arrival to his island.

Maybe there will be some kind of reward that Vegapunk will give, since they've already made it there.

In the previous chapter, Luffy and his group finally found one of the robots from the ancient kingdom.

This also indicates that Egg Head Island is a miniature of a past island in an ancient kingdom.

Interestingly, one of Jinbei's Seraphim appeared very superior in front of Sanji's group.

 Those are the spoilers for the upcoming One Piece 1066.

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