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One Punch Man Season 3 is Working on a New Studio?

One Punch Man Season 3 is Working on a New Studio?

The animated series One Punch Man is currently enjoying their popularity both in Japan and outside of Japan. 

The One Punch Man series itself has finished their second season in 2019. 

In its premiere season, One Punch Man focuses on the story to build Saitama's character, Genos, and also introduces hero associations. 

In the second season, we are introduced to the association of monsters as well as various other characters.

In the second season, he was also introduced to the figure of an "antihero" as well as a villain, namely Garou. 

Many fans can't wait to see the third season soon. 

In 2019, the official itself stated that the third season would not be too long from the second season. 

However, until 2022, there is still no clue as to when the third season will air.

One Punch Man Season 3

One Punch Man Season 3 is Working on a New Studio?

One thing that later became a debate among fans was which production house would work on this third season. 

In the inaugural season yesterday, Madhouse's production house worked on all the projects. 

Meanwhile, for the second season, the production house J.C. 

The staff who do it. 

The fans themselves were not satisfied with the results in the second season yesterday, and hoped that other studio houses would work on the third season project.

Although there is still no confirmation, it seems that the remodel of the studio house that is working on the third season could be true. 

According to rumors circulating among fans, the production house of J.C. Staff will no longer be working on the One-Punch Man animation project. 

It was widely reported that the production house of MAPPA will then handle the animation of the series in the third season. 

However, again, there has been no official confirmation regarding this.

The possibility of choosing MAPPA as the production house working on the third season of the One-Punch Man series seems quite reasonable. 

Because, despite the controversy, the production house is known for their excellent quality. 

We can see this in one of the popular anime series Attack On Titan last season.

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