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One Piece 1066 Spoiler Reddit: Dragon and Vegapunk's Past Revealed?

One Piece 1066 Spoiler Reddit: Dragon and Vegapunk's Past Revealed?

One Piece chapter 1066 spoilers will reveal Monkey D. Dragon's past relationship with Doctor Vegapunk.

In One Piece chapter 1064, Monkey D. Dragon seems to have a relationship when talking to Vegapunk No. 1 Shaka. He talked about taking Vegapunk's imminent death into account.

In One Piece chapter 1066, it will provide clues to the origin of the past relationship between Luffy's father, the Dragon, and Vegapunk.

In chapter 1066 of One Piece, besides discussing the origin of Dragon's closeness with Vegapunk, will continue the adventure story of the Straw Hat Luffy crew on Egghead Island.

Onepiece 1066 Spoiler

In the first chapter, Dragon and Vegapunk are at Ohara's location after the world government attack.

In the One Piece manga, Ohara is where Robin lived as a child. However, it must be attacked by the world government because it is considered a threat to the world.

In addition, Dragon and Vegapuk know the figure of someone who is in Ohara. Next, there was a group of giants carrying Ohara's book to Elbaf.

The group was led by a man with bandages all over his body.

Next chapter, Piece 1066, will reveal the reason why Dragon formed the Revolutionary Army.

At the end of the chapter, Luffy will meet the real Vegapunk.

In their meeting, Vegapunk said something to Luffy, who is now one of the Yonkou pirates.

One Piece 1066 Release Date

One Piece 1066 is rumored to be officially released on November 13, 2022.

Let's look forward to the continuation of Luffy and his friends in their quest to find One Piece.

One Piece 1066 Spoiler Reddit: Dragon and Vegapunk's Past Revealed?

One Piece 1065 Review

One Piece chapter 1065: appearance of Seraphim Jinbei

One Piece chapter 1065 continues the story of Luffy the Straw Hat and his crew on an adventure on Egghead Island, which is the headquarters of Vegapunk scientists.

One Piece chapter 1065 shows the appearance of Seraphim Jinbei, who attacks Sanji and his friends.

Besides Seraphim Jinbei, One Piece chapter 1065 explains the origin of Egghead Island.

At the beginning of One Piece chapter 1065, Sanji, Usop, Nami, Franky, and Robin had to face a problem with Seraphim Jinbei.

Seraphim Jinbei unexpectedly attacks Sanji and company.

Then, whether Sanji and his friends survived the attack of Seraphim Jinbei or did they attack back,

In addition, in this chapter, three other vegapunks, namely Edison and Pythagoras, became robots.

York, the last Vegapunk, seems to be the one responsible for eating the other Vegapunks.

Perhaps this was a hint that she was Stella's main body, responsible for giving the other Vegapunk the nutrients and energy it needed.

Egghead Island

This One Piece chapter will explain the origin of Egg Head Island.

There is a suspicion that Egghead Island is an island of the past because the technology is similar to that of the "Ancient Kingdom."

At the end of One Piece chapter 1065, Luffy, Jinbei, Chopper, and Bonney will meet some ancient robots.

It will also be revealed about Vegapunk's past on Egghead Island.

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