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One Piece 1059: Eiichiro Oda Gives Clue, Franky's Bounty Poster Has Thousand Sunny

One Piece chapter 1058 previously featured a Bounty Franky poster attached with a photo of the Thousand Sunny, is that a clue from Oda?

With the Thousand Sunny photo on Franky's Bounty poster, Oda surprised fans when he read the latest One Piece chapter.

Because previously Franky's Bounty poster had his own photo attached before it was replaced by Oda with the Thousand Sunny in One Piece 1058.

For what reason did One Piece manga creator Oda put a photo of the Thousand Sunny on Franky's Bounty poster?

Could Oda mean to give a hint that Franky and the Thousand Sunny are closely related to ancient weapons that were discussed in the previous One Piece chapter?

This is very possible, considering Oda's tendency to give clues that will be connected with the plot of One Piece's story in the future.

We know that Franky is a student of Tom, the legendary carpenter who made the Oro Jackson.

The thing that makes Tom a criminal is for building a ship for the Pirate King, Roger.

Whereas the real purpose of the World Government is the blueprint of Tom's ancient Pluton weapon.

And there is a lot of speculation that Franky made the Thousand Sunny by taking some parts of Pluton.

Fans believe that Franky has memorized Pluton's blueprints.

Although the blue print of Pluton has been burned by Franky to prevent the World Government from seizing it.

So there are several advantages by placing a photo of the Thousand Sunny on Franky's Bounty poster.

First, the Thousand Sunny will be known to the world as Luffy's Yonkou ship.

Where Luffy and the Straw Hat pirate crew have become a serious threat to the existence of the World Government and the Tenryuubito.

The reason is that the Straw Hat Jolly Roger on screen can still be rolled up, but the shape of the ship will not be hidden.

Second, it could be true that Franky had made the Thousand Sunny by imitating parts of Pluton's ancient weapons.

It could even be that Franky has used Pluton's technology on himself.

Call it the Gaon Cannon technology which is the main weapon for the Thousand Sunny and the Coup de Burst astern cannon.

Overall the Thousand Sunny's design is arguably very modern and surpasses most ship technology in the One Piece universe.

Plus the reason Tom kept Pluton's Blue Print is preparation as a match if the World Government resurrects Pluton.

And the reason was known by two of Tom's students, Franky and Iceburg.

The facts above strengthen the theory that the Thousand Sunny has adapted the technology of Pluton's ancient weapons.

So, the installation of a photo of the Thousand Sunny on the Bounty Franky poster makes a lot of sense.

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