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One Punch Man: Blast and God Unaffected by Saitama's Time Travel Effect?

One Punch Man: Blast and God Unaffected by Saitama's Time Travel Effect?

The One Punch Man series is famous for introducing a different concept of superheroes. 

In that world, many crazy as well as extraordinary things appeared. 

Even so, there are always big surprises that appear that fans don't expect at all. 

One of them is the increase in the strength of Saitama's figure.

This happened in his fight against Garou, when he was under God's control. 

In the story we get an explanation that the more Garou tries to imitate his power, the stronger and invincible Saitama is. 

This is what then made him have to admit defeat. Garou finally asks Saitama to return to the past.

He wanted Saitama to stop his figure who was still affected by the God figure. 

With the technique Garou taught, Saitama finally returned to moments before their fight started. 

Saitama then beat up Garou which made him realize what he was doing. 

On the other hand, what Saitama did made him return to his old body.

He doesn't remember anything that happened in the future, though he appears to be holding the reactor core from Genos. 

The Saitama student then analyzes the object and finds out what happened. 

So far, only Genos knows about Saitama and what happened. 

However, are there any other characters who know about these events?

Another Figure Who Knows The Event

One Punch Man: Blast and God Unaffected by Saitama's Time Travel Effect?

Apart from Genos, there may be some characters who still remember the epic events on Jupiter's moon or previous events. 

The first is Blast. 

This number one hero seems to be trying to stop Garou. 

Unfortunately, the attempt failed because God's power seemed too strong for him. 

Until then the fight against Saitama happened.

Blast saw how the effects that emerged from the fight between the two. 

In order to avoid the destruction of the earth, they were eventually transferred to one of Jupiter's moons. 

After that, we no longer see the figure of Blast. 

Given how Blast was able to travel between dimensions, it could be that he went to another dimension to do something.

If so, then it means that he is not affected by the time travel that Saitama did. 

On the other hand, maybe Blast will try to find Saitama because he already knows and is curious about his figure and also his character. 

The other characters are the other heroes who are with Blast. 

In the previous chapter, it appears that they are helping Blast to protect the earth.

They saw what was happening and did not expect that there was another powerful figure who came from the earth like Blast. 

At that time, Blast himself was trying to withstand the effects that emerged from Garou and Saitama's fight. 

The heroes realize that their comrades are in trouble, and the earth is in danger. 

This was then the reason they helped Blast.

Like Blast, they may be able to travel between dimensions and time. 

In fact, they themselves may not be from this dimension. 

Because of that, it seems quite reasonable that then they too are not affected by time travel from Saitama because they are from another dimension. 

Also, they are able to control space and time.

Any other?

One Punch Man: Blast and God Unaffected by Saitama's Time Travel Effect?

The last figure who might not be affected by the passage of time is none other than God. 

There's not much we can talk about God for now. 

However, just like a god, it felt like the passage of time didn't really affect God too much. 

In fact, if he wanted he could control time as he pleased. For example, by going to the past or the future.

Given how powerful God is, from what has emerged so far in the story, it's unlikely that he will be affected by it. 

We can see this when Garou tries to teach Saitama, God doesn't panic to take back his power. Even so, it seems that God's figure is now starting to realize Saitama's mighty power.

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