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One Piece: Not Roger, This Figure Is the Owner of the Biggest Bounty!

One Piece: Not Roger, This Figure Is the Owner of the Biggest Bounty!

In the world of One Piece, the figure of Gol D. Roger is the most popular and famous pirate. 

This is natural, because he is a figure holder of the title of pirate king. 

He was the one who made it to the island of Laugh Tale in the last 800 years. 

However, later Roger decided to surrender himself to the navy and he died as a result of the execution.

Before he died, Roger was known to have the greatest bounty in pirate history. 

In fact, the navy itself admits that Roger's bounty is the greatest. 

Roger's own bounty is at 5,564,400,000 Belly, which is then followed by Whitebeard with 5 billion Belly and Kaido and Big Mom with a bounty of 4 billion Belly.

Talking about game value, fans have their own speculations, especially when it comes to several characters. 

One of them is the figure of Monkey D. Dragon. 

There is an interesting speculation that says if the Dragon has the greatest bounty in the world. 

In fact, the game value has a number that exceeds the figure of Gol D. Roger.

Dragon's bounty

One Piece: Not Roger, This Figure Is the Owner of the Biggest Bounty!

Until now, we still do not know much about the figure of Monkey D. Dragon. 
The fans are already curious about the information about the leader of the Revolutionary Army, especially since he has started appearing frequently in stories. 

Finally, his figure appears in chapter 1058 where Dragon seems to be trying to dig up information about what happened to Kuma and what happened in the events at Mary Geoise.

In addition, Dragon also said that he would not forgive Sabo for any reason if he was later proven to be the mastermind behind Nefertari Cobra's murder. 

What's interesting is that in the last few chapters, Oda is presenting information about the various game values ​​of the characters. 

Previously we saw the latest bounty of the Worst Generation trio, then the Straw Hat crew and also the three former Shichibukai.

It is possible that we will also see the bounty of the Revolutionary Army in the next chapter or in the future. 

Moreover, as we know, Mary Geoise had to experience an unpleasant incident when Sabo and several other Revolutionary Army commanders saved Kuma. This will obviously increase their bounty fantastically.

There is a possibility, if the bounty of Sabo can reach 2-3 billion Belly. Or maybe even more, given his position as the representative of Dragon. 

In addition, Sabo is also known as a "role model" in various areas where they try to rebel from the World Government. 

Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Army commanders involved in the events at Mary Geoise might get a bounty of 1-2 billion Belly.

The bounty of Dragons might also increase drastically, as the World Government might assume that the events in Mary Geoise were orders from Dragon. 

The bounty value will probably touch 4.5 – 5.9 billion Belly. This figure seems reasonable considering he has the nickname as the most fugitive person in the whole world.


One Piece: Not Roger, This Figure Is the Owner of the Biggest Bounty!

As the most fugitive figure in the whole world, it seems quite reasonable that Dragon has the greatest bounty than Roger. Roger himself is the pirate with the most expensive bounty. 

However, Dragon is not a pirate but a rebel group. So, maybe it's natural that the bounty is very large, especially if later he knows a lot of things and is involved in the various events that occur

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