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One Punch Man: Saitama Has Cancer?

One Punch Man: Saitama Has Cancer?

One of the interesting things that appear in every shonen genre series is how the fans love to discuss or argue. 

This is what makes the series continue to grow and become increasingly popular. 

In addition to several popular series such as Boruto, Naruto, and also One Piece, the One Punch Man series did not escape it. 

There are many theories and speculations that arose among fans regarding various things.

One of the things that many fans have theorized about, even now, is about Saitama's strength and condition. 

Fans present various theories and speculations about why he became so powerful. 

In the series itself, Saitama admits that he can become what he is today due to the physical training he undergoes. 

Examples are running, situps, squats, and so on.

However, the fans themselves believe that Saitama has something else so that he can become as strong as he is now. 

Some of the popular theories among fans explaining Saitama's condition are that he managed to release his inner limiter, he actually ate monster cells, and also he got the power of another powerful being. 

However, there is another interesting theory that explains that Saitama could actually have cancer.

Saitama Has Cancer?

One Punch Man: Saitama Has Cancer?

Although it sounds impossible, but some emerging evidence strengthens the theory. 

In the series, Saitama's first enemy is a crab-shaped monster named Crablante. 

The fight completely changed Saitama's life, where he later decided to become a hero. 

In theory it is explained that in Latin, crab or crab is cancer.

Again, that may sound unrealistic, but there is something else that counts as theory. 

Saitama may have cancer, and he begins to fantasize about many things. 

He imagined being the most powerful figure in the world. 

This condition may arise because Saitama is experiencing a psychological condition where he experiences despair, as a result of knowing about his condition.

In addition to the two things above, another thing that is considered to support this theory is that the Vaccine Man monster could be a form of the chemotherapy process that Saitama is running or experiencing. 

In Saitama's imagination, all the physical training he did was the origin of why he became strong. Another assumption from fans is that Genos is not actually a cyborg.

He is another patient at the same hospital as Saitama. 

The patient is on a respirator, therefore he looks like a cyborg in Saitama's imagination. 

Although some of the claims or points above can be in support of the theory, there is an interesting fact that also appears in the theory. 

In Japan, there is a special hospital for the treatment of cancer.

Its name itself is Saitama Cancer Centre, which, as the name implies, is located in Saitama prefecture. 

It's possible that ONE was inspired by the hospital in creating Saitama, including about powers that he doesn't actually have. 

This theory certainly adds to the long line of speculation about Saitama's condition and strength.


One Punch Man: Saitama Has Cancer?

Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that the theory explains that what happened to Saitama at this time did not actually happen. 

Everything is a fantasy of the figure of Saitama, who turned out to have cancer. 

Frustrated by his condition, Saitama begins to experience hallucinations in which he is the most powerful figure.

There are several things that then support the theory that Saitama has cancer, such as the name Saitama which is similar to a cancer treatment hospital in Japan. 

There must be a logical explanation for Saitama's strength. 

Even though it's just a theory, it might make sense too if everything that has appeared in the story so far is the fantasy of Saitama in the One Punch Man story.

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