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One Piece 1055: It's Not Disobedience, This Is Momonosuke's Purpose of Postponing Oden's Will

One Piece 1055, I don't mean to be disobedient, it turns out that Momonosuke has a certain purpose to delay carrying out his father's will, Oden.

Momonosuke's intention of delaying Oden's will, was finally answered in One Piece 1055.

In One Piece 1055 it was revealed, it turned out that Momonosuke knew that Oden didn't just mean to open the Wano border.

Because it was shown in One Piece 1055, if Momonosuke carried out Oden's will it would be tantamount to resurrecting Pluton's ancient weapon.

Answered in One Piece 1055, the Kozuki clan including Oden and Momonosuke are the secret keepers of the location of Pluton's ancient weapons.

 The secret about Pluton's ancient weapon, revealed by Kozuki Sukiyaki to Nico Robin and Law.

It is shown that the three of them are heading to a secret room in the underground of Wano country.

Sukiyaki said that she never told Orochi and Kaido the secret passage.

But the two Tyrants managed to figure it out because one of Kaido's Calamity commanders, Jack, was a fish-man.

Unfortunately, Sukiyaki's explanation regarding that matter was cut short.

In the chapter it was also revealed that Wano used to be a very large island.

But it became what it is today, due to rising sea levels just like what happened at Water 7.

Sukiyaki explained, opening the Wano border meant destroying the wall that would resurrect Pluton.

Pluton turns out to be hidden behind the Wano border wall.

And it seems, Oden knows a reason that he chose to open the Wano border.

Sukiyaki also shows the secret path to another Red Poneglyph as a complement to Robin and Law's clues to Laugh Tale.

It seems that Pluton is destined to rise with two other ancient weapons in the final war that will end the One Piece saga epic.

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