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One Piece Chapter 1054: The Flag of the World Government is Burned by the Revolutionary Army Until King Nefertari is Killed

One Piece chapter 1054 is the beginning of the end of this Japanese manga series.

The reason is, there are many things that are revealed in One Piece chapter 1054, including the big war in the last saga.

The great war, is the third war that has occurred in the world of One Piece.

Because the previous two wars in One Piece, only involved the navy and pirates.

For the third major war of the One Piece world, involving the whole world including the revolutionary forces and the world government or World Government.

The conversation in the One Piece 1054 manga has circulated from several spoilers that have sprung up.

From the spoilers of the One Piece 1054 manga circulating, there is a conversation about what happened during the Reverie meeting.

The one who knew and saw all the happenings at the Levely was Kurouma.

The incident is related to the news of the death of the king Nefertari Cobra who was killed by Sabo.

The accusations against Sabo turned out to have been planned by the world government, in order to cover up the mistakes they had made.

The actual incident was that King Nefertari was killed by the world government, because he learned about something that threatened the position of the world government.

In the spoiler capter 1054 circulating, Kurouma said that shortly before the assassination of the king Nefertari, something happened in the area where the Tenryuubito's residence, the symbol of the world government, was destroyed.

al was considered a declaration of war, the destruction was allegedly caused by the revolutionary forces.

Allegations of the revolutionary forces were strengthened by several members of their group infiltrating Mariejoa during the Levely.

The symbol of the world government being destroyed was the burning of the flag by the revolutionary forces.

The incident of burning the World Government flag was also carried out by the Straw Hats, at Eines Lobby when they saved Robin.

The burning of the World Government flag at Mariejoa, which is the headquarters of the world's governments, is considered an insult and is a declaration of war.

In addition, Kurouma also said that the revolutionary forces who infiltrated Mariejoa had managed to save Kuma.

Because before becoming a slave to one of the Tenryuubito, he was a member of the shichibukai and had also been part of the revolutionary army.

This great war will later become a final part of the One Piece story.

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