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One Piece Chapter 1054 Full Spoiler : Ryokugyu and Fujitora Unable to Face Sabo's Power

Admiral Ryokugyu and Admiral Fujitora are unable to face Sabo's power in the One Piece manga story.

Later in the One Piece story, Admiral Ryokugyu or Greenbull began to attack the Flower Capital after the battle with Sabo in Mariejoa.

Admiral Ryokugyu's sudden attack made Kinemon and the other Akazaya move immediately because they didn't want Luffy to take care of this.

Interestingly in this One Piece story, the Akazaya want to take care of Admiral Ryokugyu without Luffy's help.

Admiral Ryokugyu or Greenbull walked to the Flower Capital while thinking about the ability to influence others.

When Akazaya was in front of Admiral Ryokugyu, Raizo said that he was Luffy's enemy from the ocean in the sense that he was an enemy of the Marines.

Admiral Ryokugyu said while using his power, friends how much information from the outside world do you know.

"You need to know that the Heavenly Dragon or Tenryuubito is a God," said Admiral Ryokugyu.

Admiral Ryokugyu then immediately revived all kinds of plants and then said again.

“I am a forest man, I am the source of life itself,” said Admiral Ryokugyu

I am nature in the sense of Logia and his first move is Mori Mori no Mi or the forbidden forest of hatred.

Admiral Ryokugyu told the truth that he was going to teach Akazaya a life lesson.

It was also seen that Admiral Ryokugyu turned into a giant tree to attack the Akazaya with branches.

Suddenly Yamato came and hit Admiral Ryokugyu's head until he fell.

Admiral Ryokugyu who looked taken aback by the attack immediately questioned who it was.

Yamato replies that he is Kaido's son, Wano kuni has suffered for twenty years and Luffy has defended this country we won't let you cause any further chaos here.

Momonosuke also appeared in Dragon form and tried to spit fireballs or fire breaths, but unfortunately, this move failed on Admiral Ryokugyu.

Seeing Admiral Ryokugyu's form scared Momonosuke and tried to hide behind Yamato.

Then Yamato immediately asked Momonosuke to leave the battlefield with Admiral Ryokugyu.

On the shores of Wano Akagami last thought was around Wano Kuni when Oden and the Roger pirates parted ways.

He was sure that Momonosuke and Hiyori must have grown up. Lucky Roux invited Akagami to directly meet Luffy because he couldn't wait anymore and so did the other colleagues.

Akagami then saw Luffy's poster and there was a little flashback where a Navy ship was being chased by Akagami and his crew.

Benn Beckman said there was a CP9 on board, but Akagami didn't care about that and kept on hunting the navy ship.

Who's Who who at that time was still part of CP9 said, what are they after? those pirates are hunting us for what, we don't bring treasure on this ship

Who's Who keeps a small chest containing the Gomu Gomu devil fruit aka Nika's devil fruit, the flashback continues with another moment.

Luffy in Foosha Village, the moment he saved Luffy from a sea monster until he lost one of his arms, he held his arm which had been devoured by a sea monster.

After the flashback finished Akagami said I know Luffy is currently getting a big name as the undefeated Monkey monster

Lucky Roux said, do you remember what happened to one of our territories,

Howling Gab said oh yeah that guy named Bartolomeo right? Looks like he's Luffy's vassal and messing around in our territory, he puts up the straw hat flag at will.

Akagami then said well we will take care of this matter soon, otherwise it will damage our pirate pride

Another plow crew said. If you say that but we still think that... those words were immediately cut off by Akagami.

I've been thinking that we should enter the battle for One Piece.

The panel moved to the Navy headquarters in the new world, a meeting was taking place, as this unidentified member of the Navy said.

We see newspaper headlines that say Sabo killed king Nefertari Cobra of the kingdom of Alabasta.

Then the marines talk about what happened in Marijoa while the Levely is in progress he tells Akainu that they can't allow the Revolutionary group to do as they please.

Akainu tells him He already knows but they don't have enough troops for it all, the man named Sabo the fire emperor is now a hero around the world.

Nefertari Cobra is the only member of the 20 kingdoms that founded their own kingdom 800 years ago to participate in the Levely.


The assassination of this man was an important achievement for the Revolutionary army a few hours before the assassination in the Tenryuubito residential area in the land of the gods of the coat of arms of the world's nobility.

The heavenly king's nails were crushed. It was a declaration of war, the Navy led by Admiral Green Bull as well as Fujitora attended the summons of the nobles.

The battle between the two Admirals against Sabo was fierce. The power of Sabo was difficult for the two of them to contain, even these two Admirals could not use their power freely until finally the Revolutionary troops were able to free Bartolomeo Kuma.

And they all escaped, and what about the disappearance of daughter Vivi that coincided with the murder of the Cobra King?

We see again the newspaper headlines that reported the loss of Vivi, the Marines who relayed the information to Akainu that he was a man with white hair and black glasses.

He is Kurouma or the dark horse. Head of the marine criminal investigation service. His real name is Tensei, then Akainu asks about the attempted assassination incident of Tenryuubito Carlot.

Kurouma explained about the moscad and how he helped the suspect to escape. There is a court in the land of the gods where the knights of the gods intervene.

Which makes things more complicated. Thanks to that incident in the land of Tenryuubito Sabo was considered a World Hero by many.

At the end of the chapter Akainu looks at the sea from his office, Akainu says whatever happens I will kill them all.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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