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One Piece: Oda Sensei's 3 Favorite Devil Fruits!

One Piece: Oda Sensei's 3 Favorite Devil Fruits!

Devil fruit is still a big mystery and also one of the uniqueness in the One Piece story. 

A person who eats a devil fruit will have unique and extraordinary powers. 

Real examples of this are Sakazuki's Magu Magu no Mi, Blackbeard's Yami Yami no Mi, and many others.

Most of the strong characters have devil fruit abilities. 

Because of that, it's only natural that the devil fruit is one of the important things in the One Piece series. 

Even so, there are still many mysteries that arise regarding devil fruits. 

For example, we still don't know where the fruit actually comes from. 

Also, how can someone who eats it gain such tremendous power.

Oda Sensei's Favorite Devil Fruit

One Piece: Oda Sensei's 3 Favorite Devil Fruits!

Talking about devil fruit, there is an interesting fact. Oda Sensei has several devil fruits that are his favorites. However, it must be admitted that Oda is inconsistent in this regard. 

Oda once said that his favorite devil fruit is Buggy's Bara Bara no Mi. 

Then, he also once said that his favorite devil fruit is the Suke Suke no Mi.

Oda also once said that the Hana Hana no Mi is his favorite devil fruit. 

Why then did Oda choose Hana Hana no Mi as one of his favorite devil fruits? 

Oda said that with the additional arm strength he could finish the One Piece story quickly. 

He can also do all the business much more effectively because of the extra arm.

Seeing how the efforts of Oda Sensei during these 25 years, it seems natural that he would then want to have that power. 

It takes hard work so that everything can go according to plan. 

And it's also certainly not easy to maintain everything so that the series can last for more than two decades. 

Currently, One Piece itself has entered its final phase where Oda certainly needs to focus more on bringing an epic ending.

Underrated Devil Fruit

One Piece: Oda Sensei's 3 Favorite Devil Fruits!

Besides being smart, Robin is also famous for her extraordinary devil fruit power called Hana hana no Mi. 

This fruit can make the user able to multiply the limbs he wants. 

In general, Robin more often uses her strength to multiply her arms and legs. 

Unfortunately, this devil fruit has received less attention, aka underrated.

In fact, the figure of Nico Robin himself did not get much attention from Oda. 

In fact, the potential of Robin's figure and also the power of her devil fruit is very large. 

We can see this in the fight between Robin and Black Maria.

 Although at first Robin found it difficult, but she later managed to reverse the position where Black Maria was able to lose with only one attack.

Of course, it will be very unfortunate if the great potential of this devil fruit is not explored enough. 

Also how great Robin's potential is also less visible in the story. 

With the One Piece storyline that has entered its final phase, hopefully Oda Sensei will bring a big change to this. 

So, even though Robin is more popular for the intelligence she has, she can also be famous for being a tough figure.

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