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One Piece 1054 Spoilers: Oda's Hint Regarding the Great War in Wano, Vegapunk Involved?

One Piece 1054 is predicted to be the beginning of a great war.

Prior to One Piece 1054, theories regarding the great war had been circulating with various speculations.

Quoted from, Oda Sensei even mentioned that there would be a big war that was more magnificent than when he was at Marineford.

Therefore, many theories say that One Piece 1054 will be the beginning of the start of the great war.

Furthermore, even when Marineford Oda Sensei gradually hinted at war to come.

Various small clues continue to be given, for years.

However, if the reader reads the manga every week, of course it tends to forget the small details.

Do you remember the scene at the end of the Blackbeard and Ace fight? Which becomes a trigger or a very big incident in the future.

There is a hat, 'upside down', with a 'smile' on it. This is the symbolism of Oda Sensei.

This is one of many great and important clues, but one that is quickly forgotten.

Currently in the same situation. Many things have happened at Levely, but there is still no further details about what happened there.

Once again the 'brothers' of Luffy seem to have been involved. Blackbeard moved, the Revolutionary Army moved, plus Im Sama and the 'big purge' plan.

In addition, in the last panel of chapter 1053, Ryokugyu said that the marines were not in a good mood.

Especially since the whole world is in complete chaos right now, at the bottom it says "times keep changing".

It's all part of a big arrangement. The last time there was this arrangement the Marineford war ended, Ace died, and Whitebeard died.

Oda Sensei had already said that the next war would be something big and majestic. After the war at Marineford, a new era began.

Blackbeard got a new power at that time and Buggy became a Shichibukai. Don't forget the timeskip that occurred due to Sabaody and Marineford.

Now after yesterday's Wano arc, Buggy has become a yonkou. And it is known that Blackbeard has moved.

During the last war, the Shichibukai were summoned to fight Whitebeard.

But now, the Shichibukai are gone and have most likely been replaced with Vegapunk's newest invention.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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