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One Piece 1054: Shanks Finally Meets Luffy, The Truth of the Valley of the Gods Revealed

 The presence of Akagami no Shanks is highly anticipated in the upcoming One Piece 1054.

Therefore, in One Piece 1054 later, it is predicted that Shanks will move to Wano.

Not without reason, he had heard how the yonkou Kaido and Big Mom fell, and Luffy who is now the Emperor of the Ocean.

In addition, chaotic world conditions are likely to be shown in One Piece 1054.

This is also predicted to be the reason for Shanks to move to Wano.

On the other hand, Shanks is known to have said that he will meet Luffy soon.

The meeting of the two of course will be their epic moment, because Luffy has not met Akagami since childhood until now.

It is suspected that there will be a separate arc that discusses the figure of Akagami, and this seems unavoidable.

This includes the stories of the characters Vivi, Sabo, and Garp which may be presented separately.

What about the fate of Vivi and Sabo after the Reverie took place and their current condition?

Then regarding the movement from Shanks to Wano, he is expected to have a role there.

It was thought that he would stop Admiral Ryokugyu just like the Dark Lord Rayleigh who stopped Admiral Kizaru while in Sabaody.

Then regarding Garp, he is expected to play a major role in the final of the saga later.

Most likely, the reader will soon find out what really happened in the Valley of the Gods, the truth will be revealed.

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