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One Piece : 3 Hints From Eiichiro Oda That Luffy's Devil Fruit Wasn't the Gomu Gomu No Mi in the first place

One Piece chapter 1045 shows Luffy's devil fruit awakening.

Since the initial chapter of the One Piece manga, fans have known the figure of Luffy with the gomu gomu no boxing technique.

Where Luffy's fighting technique comes from the devil fruit he consumed, the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

In the One Piece manga, devil fruit is a source of power. Even some devil fruit users are among the strongest people in the world of One Piece.

Each devil fruit has a true power and it can be resurrected.

Where when fighting Kaido, Luffy awakens the power of the devil fruit he actually has.

That way it was revealed about Luffy's devil fruit so far it turned out to be not Gomu Gomu no Mi but hito hito no mi model nika.

Not only the name, it turns out that Luffy's type of devil fruit which was previously known to be a paramecia turned out to be a mythical zoan.

A mythical zoan type devil fruit can make the user transform into the form of a legendary creature in the world of One Piece.

The hito hito no mi devil fruit model nika was last known to have been awakened 800 years ago during the void century.

With the revelation of Luffy's devil fruit, it turns out that from the start Eiichiro Oda has given several clues that lead to the conclusion that Luffy's devil fruit is not gomu gomu no mi.

Here are 3 hints that Oda has given revealing that Luffy's devil fruit is not the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

1. Fruit shape

Usually the strength of the devil fruit user will follow the shape of the devil fruit.

For example the form of Mr. devil fruit. 3, namely the doru doru no mi which from its shape will be known that the power of the user is related to the candle.

This is also exactly the form of the awakening of the hito hito no mi devil fruit nika model, where Luffy's cloud-shaped hair is more similar to his devil fruit shape than rubber.

2. One Piece Databook

On one page of the One Piece databook released in 2002, there is an encyclopedia that explains about devil fruit.

There is one devil fruit that has a shape like the gomu gomu no mi with the description of the fruit being a zoan type.

This is in accordance with the type of devil fruit hito hito no mi nika model awakening in Luffy's body.

3. Silhouette of Luffy in Skypiea.

While in the skypiea arc Luffy danced with the residents of the sky island around a bonfire.

The shadow of Luffy's silhouette is exactly like the legend of nika, the figure of the legend of nika has been shown in the form of Luffy's 5th gear mode.

Those are the 3 clues that Oda showed from the start regarding Luffy's devil fruit.

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