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One Piece 1054 : Revealed! Luffy's Mother Figure Turns Out to Have an Important Position in the World Government

The figure of Im Sama has now become the most mysterious figure in the world of One Piece until it is associated with Luffy's mother.

Some theories suggest that Im Sama who holds the highest sovereignty in the World Government has something to do with Luffy's mother.

The figure of Im Sama who is said to have a relationship with Luffy's mother even has complete control over the Gorosei.

But until now, Im Sama's whereabouts remain a mystery until it is linked to Luffy's mother.

A leak was presented through the NAKAMANGATIC YouTube channel, which stated a theory that Im Sama was Luffy's biological mother.

Although there is no clear clue to the theory, Eiichiro Oda once said that Luffy's biological mother is still alive.

Eiichiro Oda describes that Luffy's biological mother is a tough woman and obeys the rules.

Referring to Eiichiro Oda's statement, a conclusion was then drawn that Luffy's biological mother was Im Sama.

This is because Im Sama is someone who obeys the rules, even himself who makes rules for people around the world to obey.

Not only that, Im Sama is also known as a formidable woman, because she is the holder of the highest throne of the World Government.

Other evidence that supports this theory is the eye color that Im Sama and Luffy have the same.

Im Sama's pupils are described as black with red irises, similar to those of Luffy when he used his Gear 5.

Where when Gear 5 is used, Luffy will have black pupils, with red irises.

So far, Im Sama's appearance is only a silhouette, where he is described as having a humanoid figure with hands that resemble humans.

Im Sama is known to always wear a crown with four sharp spikes that rise very high at the top, equipped with a very long robe.

Although only a few personalities are known about this Im Sama, one thing is certain about him.

Namely Im Sama's interest in Monkey D Luffy, Marshall D Teach or BlackBeard, Shirahoshi and also Nefertari Vivi.

It is known, during the Reverie event, Im Sama was seen keeping the wanted posters of the four people.

In fact, Im Sama cut Luffy and Blackbeard's poster, and stuck a dagger into Shirahoshi's poster.

Even though it looks cruel, it turns out that there is a soft side that Im Sama still has.

This is clearly seen when he handles a butterfly in the Flower Room.

Not without reason a mangaka classmate Eiichiro Oda gave the name Im Sama to this figure.

For information, Im is the name for a giant that appears in Norse mythology.

If written using Katakana letters, then the word Im will have two radicals consisting of characters with the meaning "Buddha".

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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