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One Piece: Kurouma's New Character Facts!

One Piece: Kurouma's New Character Facts!

The One Piece series is currently preparing for the final Saga. 

This was revealed in the news that emerged last month where Eiichiro Oda, as the creator of the series, was going on vacation for a month. 

Oda wanted the ending of the series to be extraordinary, so he decided to prepare everything more thoroughly and finally decided to go on vacation.

In addition, Oda also gave a hint that this last Saga will start from the upcoming chapter 1054. 

That means the Wano Country arc in the third chapter will still be an important part of the whole story of One Piece and also the last Saga. 

And in the leaks circulating today there are some interesting things that appear.

An example is the news of the death of one of the characters, where Sabo who later became the scapegoat of the incident. 

Later, there was information that Kuma had managed to save the Revolutionary Army. 

However, what is interesting is the appearance of another new character from the navy. 

This is the next new character after the figure of Aramaki aka Green Bull. 

His own name is Tensei or Kurouma. 

Here are some interesting facts about Kurouma.

Naval Investigation Division Leader

One Piece: Kurouma's New Character Facts!

So far, there is still not much information that we can know about Kurouma's figure. 

Even so, one of the points that emerged about Kurouma in the leaked chapter 1054 is that he is the leader of the crime investigation division in the navy. 

There is no information about this information. However, it seems, all things that happen in the ocean including the various crimes of the pirates are under the authority of this division.

For example, the incident of the attack on Enies Lobby by the Straw Hats or the raid on the Impel Down prison. 

Kurouma then traced the incident. And in this leak, he seems to be examining the big events that occurred during the Levely. Is this the same division as the SWORD organization? 

Or maybe this is Aokiji's “workplace”?

Focus On Case Levely

One Piece: Kurouma's New Character Facts!

What happened after the Reverie incident is still a big question. 

As geeks know, after the Levely is over all delegates return to their respective kingdoms. 

When Garp escorts Neptunes and Shirahoshi back to the Ryugu kingdom, they receive word that there is an attack in the kingdom of Alabasta. 

Unfortunately, there is no information about what happened there.

Garp himself asked Neptune to remain calm and continue to believe that there was no intention of the land humans to harm the fishmen. 

How then did Kurouma check and investigate what happened when the Levely showed that it wasn't something out of the ordinary. 

Perhaps, this has something to do with the news of the death of one of the characters, namely Nefertari Cobra.

It would be interesting to see Kurouma's reaction after he found out that the World Government might be the mastermind behind all these events. 

Unfortunately, there is also no information about whether Kurouma is also an adherent of absolute justice like Sakazuki or just the opposite like some other characters.

 For now, fans can only guess about Kurouma's figure.

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