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One Piece: Who's Luffy's Next Opponent?

One Piece: Who's Luffy's Next Opponent?

Monkey D. Luffy is still moving forward with his adventures in Onigashima. 

He along with the Straw Hat crew, as well as his allied forces unite to overthrow Kaido and Big Mom. 

As explained in the story, Kaido is the one who is responsible for the chaos in Wano. 

He teams up with the leader of Wano – who is already dead – namely Orochi to take over Wano.

Big Mom herself came to Wano on purpose, because she knew Luffy and the Straw Hats were going to Wano. 

There then he met Kaido who then united their power to rule the world. 

Even so, both Kaido and Big Mom finally managed to defeat them. 

However, of course Big Mom and Kaido are not the end of everything.

There are still many obstacles and obstacles that Luffy and his crew must face. 

Based on this, it is certainly interesting to guess who else Luffy will face next on his adventure to Laugh Tale. 

There are some pretty strong candidates for that. Who are they?

One of the Admirals

One Piece: Who's Luffy's Next Opponent?

Admiral is the strongest figure for the navy. 

That's why it's not arbitrary the navy can be chosen as an admiral. 

They must have long experience as a navy or have long fighting or fighting experience. 

And the other main requirement of course they must be very strong.

One of the admirals who might become Luffy's next threat is Green Bull aka Aramaki. 

The figure of Green Bull is considered to have the most potential to fight against Luffy. 

Moreover, he is also after Luffy's life as we saw in the previous chapter. 

Besides Aramaki, Luffy can also face Sakazuki. As we know, he is a figure who has finished off Ace. 

The fight against Sakazuki will certainly avenge his brother's death.


One Piece: Who's Luffy's Next Opponent?

Many predictions from fans say that Luffy will fight against Blackbeard. 

Just like Kid, Blackbeard is a person with ambitions to find One Piece and head for Laugh Tale. 

However, unlike Luffy, Blackbeard has a terrible goal of taking over the world after he managed to find One Piece.

Blackbeard is the most powerful devil fruit user character so far. 

Blackbeard himself has the Yami Yami no Mi devil fruit ability, where he can control and manipulate darkness. 

He also has the Gura Gura devil fruit which is able to make him control vibrations. 

The battle between these two strong characters will certainly be eagerly awaited by fans.


One Piece: Who's Luffy's Next Opponent?

Shanks the Red Hair is a character that is still very mysterious to this day. 

Even so, there are some things that may have become general information about the character. 

One thing that many fans already know is that Shanks is a strong figure. 

Shanks is famous for having very powerful Haki powers. He also has terrible swordsmanship.

The combination of the two makes Shanks a strong character. 

Shanks is indeed close to Luffy, and he is even the one who inspired Luffy to become a pirate.

 Although the chances of a fight between Luffy and Shanks being very small, this is not something impossible. 

The battle that took place was not a fight as it is today, but a battle to prove whether Luffy was worthy of going to Laugh Tale.

World Government

One Piece: Who's Luffy's Next Opponent?

In addition to the fight against Blackbeard, many fans predict that Luffy and the Straw Hats will fight against the World Government. 

Eiichiro Oda has already mentioned that the One Piece story will be finished within the next five years. 

And there is nothing more interesting to present the story in the final phase than very epic and extraordinary moments.

The fight against the World Government is something that many fans look forward to in the series. 

This fight will certainly be the most historic, biggest, and most phenomenal fight in the series. 

Because, it's not only Luffy who might be fighting against them. 

However, there will also be many groups or countries that will help Luffy.


One Piece: Who's Luffy's Next Opponent?

You seem to already know that Im is one of the most mysterious characters in the One Piece story. 

She is the supreme ruler in the entire world of One Piece, whom even the Gorosei submit to his orders. 

In one theory that has developed, it is stated that Im is from the same era or era as Joy Boy. 

She is a survivor of a lost century.

Fighting against Blackbeard might be epic, but fighting a mysterious figure like Im might be even more epic. 

Im likely to know all about the secrets of this world. 

She has also been watching Luffy for a long time and even keeping an eye on Luffy. 

So, maybe it will make sense if Luffy will face someone like Im in the next story.

With Luffy and his Straw Hat crew getting closer to Laugh Tale island, the challenges they will face will be even greater. 

Also, the opponents they will face will become even stronger. 

It will be interesting to see what happens to Luffy next. 

Will he face one of the characters or groups above.

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