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One Piece 1054: Ultimate Warrior Chapter Title, Burgess Appears Again


Ahead of One Piece 1054, readers are getting impatient waiting for the continuation of the story in this chapter.

The reason is, in One Piece 1054 it is said that there is a storm waiting for the leakers and it is very much worth waiting for.

Because of that, various theories about the next chapter finally emerged.

Because the leaker himself just gave a hint of the meme in One Piece 1054, which makes readers guess.

Regarding the instructions for this chapter, one of the ones given is a GIF of a boxer playing a ring rope.

The boxer's nickname is Ultimate Warrior, and it is suspected that this will be the title of this chapter.

There are allegations that this Ultimate Warrior also refers to the figure of one of the Blackbeard Pirates' crew, Jesus Burgess.

Yes, it's thought that Burgess is finally back in action.

It was previously known that the Blackbeard Pirates split into two groups, with Burgess separating.

Burgess was seen sneaking aboard one of the Revolutionary Army ships returning to Baltigo.

He then contacted his crew after arriving there, and was informed when the Marines and CP arrived there, the Blackbeard Pirates apparently destroyed the place.

It's still not clear what the pirates were doing in Baltigo, but after that it was suspected that Burgess had broken away again and now he's appeared.

It is thought that Burgess is shown on Whole Cake Island destroying it.

Apart from that, another possibility of the meme is a reference to Zoro.

Between Sanji and Luffy, only Zoro has not earned the title of a warrior.

Furthermore, another theory of Ultimate Warrior shaking the ropes is the shocking news regarding Luffy and Ryokugyu.

It could be that Luffy finally defeats the Admiral, or Ryokugyu goes wild with the alliance, the spoilers will only be released on Monday or next Tuesday.

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