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One Piece: Oda Reveals the Secret of Luffy's 2 Wings!

One Piece: Oda Reveals the Secret of Luffy's 2 Wings!

You certainly know who the Trio Monster is in the Straw Hat pirates in One Piece. 

They are Monkey D. Luffy, Sanji Vinsmoke, and Roronoa Zoro. 

The reason they get called the trio of monsters is because they are the three most powerful people of the entire Straw Hat crew. 

Although Luffy is still the strongest, Zoro and Sanji also have tremendous strength.

Throughout the series we have to admit that Sanji and Zoro do play more roles, especially when Luffy is not around. 

Many fans are discussing that Zoro is the vice-captain, while other fans think that Sanji is the vice-captain. 

Apart from that they are both figures that Luffy trusts.

Two Pirate Wings

In chapter 1019 yesterday Nico Robin had told Black Maria that Sanji was a good person. 

Robin also said that Sanji was the "wing of the pirate king". 

What does Robin's words mean? 

According to a fan on Sandman_AP's Twitter account, the "wing" translation of what Robin said actually refers to 2 people and not one person.

This is based on the choice of the kanji 'wing' that Oda Sensei uses in the sentence that Robin says.

What's also interesting is that in fact, this isn't the first time Oda Sensei has mentioned that Sanji (and Zoro) are the "wings of the pirate king".

Oda Sensei previously also referenced Sanji and Zoro as "two wings" to Luffy in the SBS Volume 73 column.

In the SBS column, a fan told Oda that Zoro and Sanji always had nicknames for them. 

In his explanation, although they often fight but both are figures that Luffy really trusts. 

These two are also two valuable figures for Luffy, who are always ready to help make the captain's dream come true.

There is a possibility that Oda Sensei will bring back this "pirate king's wing" because he realized how One Piece fans reacted to the presence of Jinbe in the Straw Hat group. 

Oda realized that fans thought that Jinbe's presence would shift Sanji's position as an important figure in the Straw Hat crew, as they speculated.

However, in reality that is not true. Through Nico Robin's words, Oda seemed to want to re-confirm that Sanji is still Sanji and Zoro is still Zoro. 

They remain important figures in the Straw Hat crew and for Luffy. 

They are Luffy's two wings that will lead him to become the figure of the pirate king. 

Both of them will help Luffy become the pirate king.

Another "Function" Of Zoro And Sanji

One Piece: Oda Reveals the Secret of Luffy's 2 Wings!

In addition to being the "wings of the pirate king" these two characters have other "functions" in One Piece. 

If likened, Zoro is a sword for Luffy. 

While Sanji is a shield / shield / protector. 

We can see this since the beginning of the series. 

In the Arlong Park arc, Zoro is the figure who is in front of attacking with Luffy. Meanwhile, Sanji always protects Luffy.

Sanji was the one who saved Luffy when he got into the water, while Zoro finished off Arlong's men. 

Then the same thing happened again in Little Garden, where Zoro fought alongside Luffy, while Sanji was on the Sunny ship protecting the other crew as well as the ship. This continued all the way to Dressrosa.

In terms of fighting, we often see Sanji protecting Luffy. While in Sabaody, the figure who resisted the naval attack on Luffy was Sanji. 

He really is very reliable to protect Luffy and the others. 

In fact, the reason Sanji was finally willing to go to Whole Cake Island was because he wanted to protect his crew. 

Zoro may be the one who is finally willing to accept all of Luffy's pain, while at Thriller Bark.

However, who then came forward first? Sanji. 

All for the sake of protecting Luffy. 

So far, it can be seen clearly that Zoro and Sanji have different "roles" from each other. 

When they get any power-ups, Zoro and Sanji have different goals. Zoro gets Enma to defeat or cut Kaido.

Meanwhile, Sanji uses a Raid Suit to save others. So, the conclusion is that their strength reflects their personality. 

Sanji is a shield for Luffy who is always ready to protect, and Zoro is a sword that is always ready to attack anyone. 

Naturally, the two of them later became Luffy's two trusted figures and became two valuable figures.

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