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One Piece Chapter 1054 Spoiler: Luffy's Fleet Starts Sailing? Eiichiro Oda Is Making a Storm!

Although the One Piece Soft Trailer hasn't been released yet, Eiichiro Oda gave a little hint about what will happen to the Straw Hat Luffy pirate crew.

Based on information from Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the 33rd issue of One Piece manga will be the cover of the 34th issue of WSJ magazine, Eiichiiro Oda describes the color sprint.

In addition to One Piece author, Eiichiro Oda emphasized that One Piece 1054 is the beginning of the final saga.

Eiichiro Oda gave a leak of One Piece chapter 1054 later, namely Going to a new iland in high spirit or if translated it means going to a new island in high spirits.

Is the Straw Hat Luffy pirates really going to set sail? then what about the fate of Admiral Ryukogyu.

Was Admiral Ryukogyu only defeated in one chapter?

If it is true that they will sail, which island will they go to Straw Hat Luffy's pirate crew?.

At first it seems that they will go to Elbaf because in the booklet Road to Laugh tale part one, Elbaf is estimated to be one of the last road Poneglyphs.

It could be that the island that the Straw Hat Luffy is heading to is an island whose coordinates are written on one of the road poneglyphs.

Apart from the leak from Eiichiro Oda. Leakers have also leaked hints where Redon says One Piece 1054 is worth it every second you read it.

Referring to Eichiiro Oda's message, he stated that he would uncover one by one the mysteries in the One Piece world in this Final saga.

Will Pluton be shown in tomorrow's chapter or will Oda show the state of chaos that is happening in the current One Piece world.

Starting from the fate of Sabo and Vivi then the fate of the Sichibukai and the reactions of all important characters regarding the fall of Yonkou Kaido and Big Mom.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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