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One Piece 1054: Is Shanks a Villain? Had the Intention to Kill Bartolomeo

There are many surprising things in One Piece chapter 1054 besides Luffy and Sabo's information.

Not when the world shook One Piece chapter 1054, namely the existence of Akagami no Shanks who was shown to be near Wano wanting to meet Luffy.

The crew of Akagami no Shanks said they wanted to see Luffy who is now a great pirate.

In One Piece chapter 1054 which was interesting and odd when the Akagami crew said they wanted to see Luffy and Shanks saw Luffy's wanted poster.

Here there is a flashback, Shanks who remembers his meeting with Luffy in Foosha Village when Shanks sacrificed his hand to save Luffy.

We continue to the present, some members of the Akagami crew are surprised to hear that Shanks doesn't want to meet Luffy.

The delay in Shanks and the Akagami crew meeting Luffy was apparently due to Bartolomeo's behavior.

Shanks asks his crew about the Bartolomeo pirates who are wreaking havoc on his territory.

Akagami crew ni Shanks replied that Bartolomeo was one of Luffy's subordinates.

Shanks' crew also said Bartolomeo had burned the Akagami flag and turned it into a Straw Hat flag.

Shanks also said it was time to join the fight for One Piece.

Many One Piece fans make the theory that Shanks is a Villain or the real enemy to fight over One Piece.

Shanks is actually a Villain because it starts with his very awkward words about not wanting to meet Luffy.

We should look forward to the next One Piece story because it is very interesting what the real character that Oda Sensei gave to Shanks because from the start he was someone who was very mysterious.

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