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One Piece: The Laugh Tale Mystery Revealed, The Pirate's Final Destination, Is It Really The Lost Ancient Kingdom?

Until entering the early stages of the Final Saga, there are many unsolved mysteries in One Piece.

Fans of the One Piece universe are currently focused on the 'disputes' and intrigues of several characters.

One Piece still focuses on Luffy who has just become a Yonko, the fate of Sabo and Vivi, to the puzzle of Shanks' brain.

Speculation and analysis continue to circulate, thus covering up many mysteries in the One Piece series which are actually interesting to discuss.

One of the many mysteries in One Piece is the island of Laugh Tale.

So far, Laugh Tale is one of the mysterious places that Eiichiro Oda hasn't told much about in the One Piece series.

Laugh Tale Island has so far been informed as the final destination of the Pirates to get the most sought-after treasure, namely One Piece.

Here's the review, quoted from One Piece Fandom and the Anime OP YouTube channel.

Laugh Tale Island is the last island in the Grand Line, the place where Gol D Roger's treasure is said to be.

Laugh Tale Island is the final destination island for all Pirates in the One Piece world; including the Straw Hat Luffy Pirates.

However, an interesting speculation arose regarding Laugh Tale Island.

It is said that Laugh Tale is a lost Ancient Kingdom and is related to Joy Boy and the tragedy of the great war 800 years ago or during the century of emptiness.

Eiichiro Oda had a little time to tell that during the void century, there was a big battle involving 21 Kingdom alliances against the Ancient Kingdom.

The battle with the ancient kingdom was won by 21 Kingdom alliances.

These 21 royal alliances in today's One Piece world are known as the World Government and the kings who participate in the Levely are part of that alliance.

Meanwhile, speculation was growing that the center of the Ancient Kingdom was Laugh Tale Island.

This is the basis for the theory that Laugh Tale is the lost Ancient Kingdom.

On the other hand, this Ancient Kingdom is said to be a kingdom whose entire population is pirates.

They spread throughout the world to explore and spread the "ideology" of the Ancient Kingdom, namely about the freedom and equality of all races throughout the world.

And the King of the Ancient Kingdom and literally the first Pirate King was Joy Boy.

This makes sense considering how Joy Boy has many relationships with various races in the One Piece world, such as the residents of Fishman Island and the Mink Tribe.

The name Joy Boy is also familiar to some Wano people who know the history of the past.

One Piece fans certainly know several stories that describe the role of Joy Boy in some unique places that have been visited by the Straw Hat Pirates.

An example is Fishman Island.

On Fishman Island, Joy Boy's name is mentioned in the Poneglyph which Nico Robin managed to translate.

In the Poneglyph, Joy Boy promised the fishmen to live or coexist with ordinary humans on land.

In fact, as proof of the seriousness of his promise, Joy Boy has given a giant ship that is planned to transport the entire population of Fishman Island, namely Noah's ship.

Unfortunately, Joy Boy failed to fulfill this promise because of the war between the 21 royal alliances against the Ancient Kingdom he led.

From here it is answered why Laugh Tale Island is the final destination for Pirates to get the status of Pirate King.

So far, the title of Pirate King will only belong to those who have managed to reach Laugh Tale Island and find One Piece.

Again, this is just speculation.

Whether it's true or not, of course it will be answered in the next chapters of One Piece.

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