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One Punch Man: Who's Saitama's Next Opponent?

One Punch Man: Who's Saitama's Next Opponent?

The battle between Saitama and Garou is finally over as it appears in the latest chapter of One Punch Man. 

The fight was finally closed with Saitama's victory. 

With Garou's defeat, the next question is who is Saitama's next opponent? 

In the fight against Garou, Saitama had succeeded in realizing his dream of finding a balanced opponent.

Unfortunately, he had to pay dearly for his dream with the death of Genos. 

And as we know, Saitama continues to try to find enemies who he considers equal or capable of providing resistance to his strength. 

Given who Saitama is, there aren't many candidates for the next opponent who can match Saitama's strength. 

However, one candidate that is quite popular is God.

God Becomes Next Opponent in One Punch Man?

One Punch Man: Who's Saitama's Next Opponent?

This mysterious figure has just appeared in the last few chapters. 

As the name implies, God is considered a god or god who has unlimited power. 

We can see this from God who is able to give power to whoever he wants. 

In fact, he could even take someone's life if he wanted to. 

We can see this from the figure of the Homeless Emperor.

It's not just the Homeless Emperor, the latest example of this is Garou. 

In yesterday's chapter 168, Garou finally lost and realized his mistake. 

For that reason he wanted Saitama to go back in time and stop everything. 

Garou then teaches Saitama what he already knows. 

And when they did, God took back all the power he gave him as well as his life.

Based on the explanation above, it is natural for God to be a strong candidate for equal opponents and even become Saitama's next enemy. 

Can God then become someone who can match or even surpass Saitama's strength? 

If you look at the outline, with the abilities he has, God is certainly someone who is able to face Saitama.

Saitama really can't give strength to other people, but he can take or kill someone's life especially with a powerful punch. 

However, Saitama's level of power is almost the same as God's. 

The proof of this is that Saitama is able to destroy the enemy with one hit, he can survive in outer space without oxygen, and many other things.

Even so, the problem now is that we still don't know what God's physical abilities are like. 

So far, God had only lent his power to others or took someone's life. 

We still don't know what he is capable of, although from the above powers we can conclude that God is an extraordinary figure. 

God himself was currently still sealed on the moon, and it was only a matter of time before he escaped from there.

Garou's Revenge

One Punch Man: Who's Saitama's Next Opponent?

God being the next opponent of Saitama is also quite reasonable. 

The fight between the two can be the highlight of the story in the series. 

However, apart from that, the battle between these two mighty powers can also happen because Saitama is "revenge" for what he has done to Garou. 

In the previous chapter, Saitama realized that Garou was not the evil villain he knew.

Then, at the end of their fight, Saitama saw that there was a good side in Garou. 

Saitama realized that there was a figure controlling the villain. 

Silver Fang, who incidentally is his former teacher, also admits that Garou's cosmic form is not the real Garou. 

It was a God figure controlling the body of his disciple.

The battle between Saitama and God could be Saitama's revenge for what God has done to Garou. 

Also, avenge what he's done to several other characters as well as the entire population of the earth. 

As mentioned in the previous article, God is probably the source of disaster for all the monsters or villains that appear in the series. 

He might be planning to destroy the earth or this universe. Because of that, only Saitama can stop God. 

No other character can match or surpass the power of God in One Punch Man.

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