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One Piece: Is Admiral Equal to a Yonko?

In the One Piece story, admirals are the highest position in the navy, where they are under the Fleet Admiral. 

The admirals are people who have experience in the navy, and also have tremendous strength. Only strong people in the navy can fill the position of Admiral.

In fact, it was the Gorosei themselves who directly appointed the person or candidate for the admirals. 

With all the advantages and awesomeness of their strength, it is only natural that then admirals become terrible figures. 

Moreover, they have the power of devil fruit which is also very extraordinary. However, are they stronger than the Yonko?

The Power of the Three Admirals

The three admirals are the strongest weapons the World Government has. On various occasions, we have often seen how powerful and powerful they are. 

In the peak war at Marineford, the Admirals showed their strength by successfully defeating the Whitebeard pirate group. 

Aokiji is seen fighting Jozu, Kizaru fighting Marco, and Akainu fighting Whitebeard.

The three Admirals have very terrible devil fruits that make them strong figures, either before the time-skip or after. 

We can see proof of the awesomeness of the admirals before the time-skip where Kizaru managed to finish off all of the Worst Generations in Sabaody. 

Or Aokiji who destroyed the Straw Hat Pirates easily.

After the time-skip there was a change where Aokiji and Akainu were no longer admirals. 

His position was later replaced by Fujitora and also Green Bull. Fujitora has the tremendous power of the Zushi Zushi no Mi which is able to control gravity. 

Meanwhile, Green Bull, based on the latest chapter, has the power of a devil fruit that is able to control plants and is able to steal other people's fluids or nutrients.

In addition to the power of the devil fruit, these admirals also of course have other awesomeness, especially in terms of Haki power. 

At Marineford, we see the three admirals able to withstand the effects of Whitebeard's powerful Gura Gura no Mi attack. Based on the above, it felt natural that only the strongest could become admirals and they were the World Government's strongest weapon.

Admiral vs Yonko

We must admit that admirals do have a very extraordinary awesomeness in terms of strength. 

However, if you compare the strength of the Admiral with the Yonko, of course there will be quite a visible difference. 

The strength and abilities of the Yonko are above the average of the other pirates, because they are the strongest figures. 

This is also the reason why the Yonko are called the rulers of the ocean.

There is some evidence of how the Yonko are much stronger than the admirals. 

First, the words from Garp when they were about to capture Rayleigh. At that time, the navy received an emergency call after Luffy beat one of the sky dragons. 

As a result, the navy sent their troops. 

However, at the same time, they learn that there is a big fugitive in Sabaody, namely Silvers Rayleigh.

When the navy tried to capture Rayleigh, Garp gave a warning. 

According to Garp, the government will not want to face two legends at the same time, because the risk of losing and losing them can be very large. 

Rayleigh is not part of the Yonko, but many think that his strength is equal or almost on par with the Yonko.

Second, Sengoku once said that they would never be able to defeat Whitebeard and his army with military force. 

The navy admitted that they needed better tactics as well as a surprise attack to defeat Whitebeard. 

Third, Oda Sensei has so far only shown that these admirals have the power of equal or slightly above the Yonko commanders.

For example, when Marco faced Kizaru their battles could be considered even. 

Fourth, during the war at Marineford, Whitebeard had launched a devastating attack. 

Luckily, the attack was successfully blocked by the Haki of the admirals.


Based on the explanation above, we can conclude that the admirals are indeed the most powerful and formidable figures of the navy. They are the spearhead of the pirate extermination organization. 

They are not weak figures, due to the fact that they are the strongest weapons that the Navy and the World Government have.

However, even though their strength was great, there were still Yonko who were far superior to the three admirals. As rulers of the ocean, the Yonko were a nightmare for the navy. 

If the World Government itself doesn't want to deal with them, even if they are worried about the strength of the Yonko, it means that the navy has little chance of being victorious against them.

So far, not even they can beat Big Mom, Kaido, Shanks, or even Blackbeard. 

The Marines were able to win against Whitebeard because they used several tactics, such as using Ace to pull them out. 

The Yonko themselves are now experiencing a change or shift, where Luffy and Buggy become new figures. 

Will the admirals be able to face them?

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