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One Piece 1054: Admiral Ryokugyu Turns Out Natural Enemy Luffy, Straw Hats Defeat in Front of Eyes

One Piece 1054 is expected to come out after Oda Sensei ends his hiatus on July 25.

This indicates that there is more than one month for One Piece 1054 to be known by readers.

However, various predictions have been made regarding the highly anticipated chapter.

The reason is, the upcoming One Piece 1054 is expected to be the beginning of the Final Saga as said by Oda Sensei.

It is possible that One Piece 1054 will also be the beginning of a great war that is more magnificent than Marineford.

As is known, in the last chapter Admiral Ryokugyu arrived at Wano.

Even Ryokugyu had already unleashed his abilities against the Beast Pirates by absorbing their nutrients or vitality.

As a result, these Beast Pirates looked emaciated and dry, for example Queen, it was still unknown whether they died or not.

However, what has attracted attention is the power of Ryokugyu's devil fruit which has been curious.

This Ryokugyu's power seems to be able to grow various plants when he steps, seen when various plants appear on the land of Wano suddenly.

There are allegations that his ability is a devil fruit model of the mythical plant Mandragora.

Allegedly the ability of this Ryokugyu is Monkey D Luffy's natural enemy.

It is said in one theory that Luffy has become a very difficult enemy for Ryokugyu.

Because of the Greenbull's ability to absorb human vitality or nutrition, it can be restored if there is a response.

The point is, plants have been known to really need the sun for their growth properly.

Luffy also has the power of the Sun God Nika, which would make him a suitable opponent for Ryokugyu.

It could be that Ryokugyu gains from Luffy's Sun power, which makes their fight later difficult.

As a result, there is an assumption that Luffy will be defeated by Greenbull, and their fight can be called a big fight.

On the other hand, Greenbull also has to face the alliance of the Straw Hats and also the Wano samurai, because Luff can be called their savior.

It's impossible for them to beat the admiral, so it's possible that this fight won't last long or not at all.

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