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One Piece Chapter 1052 Spoiler: 3 Facts About Green Bull, Who Is He?

One Piece Chapter 1052 hints that Green Bull will do something in the storyline.

OP Lover must have been waiting to see it after not seeing it for a long time.

Currently Green Bull is the only remaining Admiral whose appearance is not yet fully visible.

Green Bull has a big role to play in One Piece Chapter 1052. Based on a Leak, I will soon arrive in Wano Country.

Of course this makes OP Lover curious about what he will do once he gets there, consider these 3 character facts:

1. The role of Green Bull in the story so far

Green Bull enlisted in the Navy less than two years ago right after the One Piece timeskip.

Together with Fujitora, he took the remaining vacancy in the position of Admiral.

Sakazuki became Fleet Admiral the moment Kuzan left the organization completely.

Prior to One Piece Chapter 1052, Green Bull only appeared in Levely even though it was in silhouette form.

He had a pleasant conversation with Fujitora about the abolition of the Warlord system.

A few days later, they finally fought Sabo and the Revolutionary Commander. The outcome is unknown, but the Admirals are doing well.

One Piece Chapter 1052 reveals that the Green Bull was sent to Wano Country seven days after Kaido's army.

2. Green Bull is good friends with Fujitora

During the Levely plot, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki gave the order to forcibly eject Fujitora from Mary Geoise.

However, Green Bull ordered that and had a discussion with Fujitora as an assessment.

They talked about the new Vegapunk project along with the Warlord system. It made the second Admiral to disobey Sakazuki, the first being Fujitora.

3. Claims to have never eaten for a long time

Green Bull is a strong Admiral The most outstanding aspect of it is that it can survive without eating anything for years.

He admits that he has not eaten anything in the last three years although there has been no confirmation.

But it seems that it can be done because of eating the devil fruit. Otherwise, he would have died without any food in his stomach.

Amazingly, Green Bull still managed to get the Admiral position, it shows that the Navy is the strongest in the organization.

Green Bull is strongly predicted to appear in Wano Country during the upcoming One Piece Chapter 1052.
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