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One Piece 1052: Luffy and Alliance's Bounty Value Increases Significantly, Yamato Reaches 1 Billion Berry

One Piece 1052 spoilers have finally been released under the title New Dawn, which is likely a reference to Wano.

In One Piece 1052, Zunisha will decide to leave the waters of Wano after Momonosuke said to delay opening the border.

Zunisha left the border without doing anything to the World Government fleet ship that was in front of him.

Then the scene in One Piece 1052 switches back to land, where the panel features Basil Hawkins talking to X Drake.

In that chapter, finally the mystery about the character who has a one percent chance of surviving at the end of the Wano war is revealed.

Hawkins admits to Drake that that person is himself, and from the beginning he had predicted Kaido would lose.

However, Hawkins decided to remain loyal to Kaido because he was ashamed of having to betray once again.

Then time passed until seven days later after the war ended, it appeared that the people of Wano were now welcoming a new start under the shogunate Momonosuke.

They seem ready to welcome a brighter future after 20 years in the clutches of Kaido and Orochi.

Other information in this chapter is that Apoo and Inbi decided to form an alliance, while Izo and Ashura Doji were confirmed to have died in the war.

Besides, after a week's rest, it looks like the Straw Hat Pirates are ready to return to sailing the oceans.

In this chapter they also seem to have gotten the latest newspapers, which may contain their respective bounty values.

Of course, if the events in Wano are known to the world, inevitably those involved will get a bounty increase.

With this, it looks like the increase in prize money for Luffy and the others is confirmed.

There are various considerations and expectations, but it is estimated that Luffy's bounty value will reach 5 billion Berries.

It's still uncertain, but at least he has to surpass Kaido's bounty value of 4.6 billion Berries, maybe at 4.9 billion Berries too.

In addition, it can be said that the price of Law and Kid's heads also experienced a significant increase after defeating Big Mom.

Kid and Law are probably valued at 2.5 billion Berries, then Zoro 1.5 billion Berries, Sanji 1.4 billion Berries, Yamato and Jinbei 1 billion Berries.

On the other hand, in many theories, Luffy's bounty is estimated to range from 4.6 billion Berries to 5.5 billion Berries.

The prize money for Yamato is still not guaranteed, but if the world finds out that he is Kaido's son and is part of the Straw Hat Pirates, his existence threatens the World Government.

Regarding this, it is important to know the extent of the information that CP0 has given to the World Government, which if accurate then Yamato would be of high value, plus his strength is a mythical zoan.

However, this is still a consideration of the One Piece 1052 spoiler, which of course needs to be understood that readers do not intend to precede the original story.

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