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One Piece 1054 Spoilers : Blackbeard and Shanks' Connection Revealed, Blackbeard Awakens Devil Fruit Ability

Let's wait for the One Piece 1054 manga to be released in a few weeks.

In this regard, various speculations or theories of One Piece 1054 have been made by fans.

One of them is about the big war that is said to be happening after this hiatus is over.

One Piece 1054, which is the beginning of the Final Saga, is thought to be the epic chapter of this manga.

Ryokugyu's action about attacking the Straw Hat Pirates is expected to cause a big war in One Piece 1054 or later.

However, from one theory, it is said that there will be a fight going on between the pirates as well.

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Yes, the possibility of a battle between the Blackbeard Pirates and the Straw Hats will also occur.

Allegedly, if Blackbeard knew about the true ability of Luffy's resurrected devil fruit, it is thought that he might want the ability.

This makes it possible for Luffy to eventually become the target of Blackbeard.

It could be that this situation is not favorable for Luffy, and in this condition, there is a figure that is expected to come, namely Akagami no Shanks.

It is estimated that Shanks will be the one who helps Luffy, and maybe a battle between Blackbeard and Akagami will occur.

Because from the beginning the two of them had a connection, the reader knew that the wound in Shanks' left eye was caused by Blackbeard's actions.

On the other hand, Oda Sensei will also publish a booklet that reveals the relationship of the yonkou including these two people.

With that in mind, there was no doubt that these two yonkou had a connection.

Therefore, there was a high possibility that the two of them would fight in the future.

Their battle might end in Akagami's defeat, there's no doubt that this red-haired man is powerful.

However, considering Blackbeard's abilities, it was highly unlikely that he would lose because Marshall D Teach was too strong.

However, it is also suspected that Luffy will eventually awaken his powers against Blackbeard.

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This black beard possessing incomparable strength was confirmed to have the strongest ability and potential.

How not, he has the power of the Yami Yami devil fruit which is said to be the strongest in the world, plus the Gura Gura earthquake devil fruit from Whitebeard.

There is a suggestion that he has the ability to control master-colored Haki, and what if his power is awakened?

If this happened, of course he would be a difficult opponent for either side.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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