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One Piece: Various Modifications of Franky's Body!

One Piece: Various Modifications of Franky's Body!

Franky is one of the Straw Hat crew who contributed to One Piece. 

He had already built a new ship after the Straw Hat crew lost the Going Merry in the Water Seven arc. 

The new ship is known as the Thousand Suny or Suny Go. 

The ship is made of adam's mustika wood, which is the same material as Roger's Oro Jackson.

Prior to meeting the Straw Hats, Franky was the leader of the Franky Family. 

Franky has always been obsessed with the figure of Tom, a famous carpenter and shipbuilder who became a role model for Franky. 

Tom is also the only person who cares about Franky, and makes him his successor. 

However, the big incident that attacked Water Seven made Tom finally have to die.

Franky then filled the role of Tom to become the protector of Water 7 in his own way. 

He became the ruler of the criminal underworld in Water Seven. Although he does often do evil, his main goal is to protect the city. 

Finally, the time that later brought Franky to the Straw Hat crew.

Franky himself is a human who has several artificial body parts, which we later know as cyborgs. 

The front part of his body is really a protection for his life, because it is resistant to various attacks. 

But, unfortunately, the back of Franky's body still remains fragile. 

With this cyborg body, Franky keeps a lot of weapons that he uses to fight against enemies. 

What's interesting is that Franky's body has undergone several improvements so far in One Piece. 

So, what kind of increase is it?

Battle Franky-36/BF-36

One Piece: Various Modifications of Franky's Body!

This is the first modification of Franky's body in One Piece. 

Actually, this body modification is Franky's way of surviving the fatal accident he experienced. 

And it turns out that these modifications give him an increase, especially in terms of power, which makes him able to match the strength of CP-9 members such as Nero and Fukurou. 

What's unique is that even though his body is made of hard material, he is still able to stay afloat on the surface of deep water.

Franky is probably a good swimmer. In fact, with his "Franky Butterfly" technique Franky was able to swim up the waterfall in Enies Lobby. 

In this first modification, Franky is able to use several parts of his body into a powerful weapon. 

For example, on the left arm there is an epic weapon.

If he then twisted his arm, it would turn into a powerful cannon. 

His right arm is no less powerful, where even though it looks normal, his arm is able to reach great distances and come back thanks to the chain that binds him. 

The attacks that Franky usually uses on his arm are "Strong Right" and "Coup de Vent".

Battle Franky 37/BF-37

One Piece: Various Modifications of Franky's Body!

After a time-skip for 2 years, Franky then got a very extraordinary body modification increase. 

He was previously trapped in a lab belonging to Vegapunk, after Kuma flew him. 

There, Franky finds many of the blueprints that Vegapunk left behind. And that then became the inspiration for increasing Franky's body modification. After this increase, Franky's body size changes to become bigger and stronger.

In addition, there are also many new functions that appear in his body. Indirectly, this modification is inspired by technology in the navy. 

Franky also shows various new abilities in the story. 

For example, the "Franky Radical Beam" technique is an ability where Franky can shoot missiles or missiles from his shoulders. 

This is an improvement over the Coup de Vent technique. 

Then there are also unique and ridiculous upgrades on Franky's body such as "Franky Nipple Light". This BF-37 modification is Franky's best power upgrade so far.

He completely replaced and upgraded everything in his body in this modification. 

This is likely thanks to the notes and various blueprints that Vegapunk left in the lab. 

And proof of the awesomeness of Battle Franky-37 we can see in the fight in the Dressrosa arc when he faced the navy, Dellinger, Machvise, and of course Senor Pink.

Battle Franky-38/BF-38

One Piece: Various Modifications of Franky's Body!

Battle Franky-38, or known as General Franky, is a giant robot that can reach 13 meters in height. 

This giant robot is deliberately designed for Franky, where only he will be able to control it. 

His own part of the control room was in his chest, and from there Franky ran it all. 

The BF-38 has a large sword named “Franken”.

However, because Franky is not very good at using the sword, Franken's attacks are often ineffective. 

Franky actually uses the weapons on his body more often than the weapons in this BF-38.

Even so, physical attacks such as punches and blows from the BF-38 are capable of destroying the opponent's body. 

We can see this fact in his fight against Baby 5 and also Buffalo.

Besides being able to withstand physical attacks or bullets, the Battle Franky-38 is also able to withstand other attacks such as gas attacks. 

He proved this when Franky tried to protect the others from Caesar Clown's H2S Gas. The poisonous gas seems to have no effect on Franky.

Compared to the rest of the crew, Franky's development seems less explored, other than things related to ships. 

Franky spent two years studying various blueprints designed by Vegapunk, in order to increase the capacity of his body. 

Overall, Franky's body is now completely filled with robotic components, with lots of equipment and weapons available inside. 

Maybe, in the future, Oda can explore more of Franky's power-ups in the One Piece story.

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