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One Piece: The Unsolved Mysteries of Gol D. Roger!


One Piece: The Unsolved Mysteries of Gol D. Roger!

It seems that all One Piece fans already know who Gol D Roger is. 

He was the first pirate to make it to Laugh Tale in the last 800 years. Thanks to this achievement, Roger was later awarded the title of pirate king. 

Roger has tremendous popularity because of his title, and has a huge influence in the world of One Piece.

And as a pirate, it's no wonder then Roger has tremendous power. 

The great power of Roger was even recognized by many other great pirates. 

However, as a pirate king and also one of the strongest characters in the series, Roger has many mysteries that have remained unanswered until now. Anything?

His relationship with Rogue

One Piece: The Unsolved Mysteries of Gol D. Roger!

As Oda Sensei once said, the One Piece story doesn't really focus on romance or romance. 

However, that does not mean the romantic relationship is not in the story at all. 

One of the interesting things is how Roger has a relationship with the figure of Portgas D. Rogue. 

So far, Roger has always been told to be on the Oro Jackson ship to fulfill his dream of finding Laugh Tale.

Then, how then did Roger meet Rogue? 

Where did they meet each other? 

Maybe, for details like that, it's not something that Oda usually presents in One Piece stories. 

However, of course it will be very interesting and it is not wrong to present this information.

Perhaps, how Roger and Rogue's relationship is very similar to what happened to Makino and Shanks. In theory, the child who was with Makino was the son of Shanks.

 Oda himself then gave instructions about it. 

What's also interesting is that there is another speculation that is growing among fans, that someone with the name "D" must have descended from another "D" clan. 

However, everything still has to wait for official confirmation from Oda Sensei.

Ace Sword

One Piece: The Unsolved Mysteries of Gol D. Roger!

Gol D Roger also apparently uses a sword in battle. 

Indeed, Roger is rarely shown using it although it is seen that he always carries a sword. 

While fighting Shiki and his vast fleet in Edd War, it was shown that Roger wields a sword in one hand and a gun in the other.

Roger has also been shown to use a sword against the Rocks pirate group, when the God Valley incident took place. 

He has also been shown using a sword in several other battles, for example when Roger and Whitebeard fought for three days and three nights on an island without stopping.

Oda then provides information regarding the sword from Roger in the Vivrecard Databook. 

There are two interesting things that appear in the Vivre Card related to Roger's sword. 

The first, Roger's sword is Cutlass type or a sword with a short blade size. 

The second interesting fact is that Roger's sword is named "Ace". Why then Roger named his sword "Ace"? Is it a form of Roger's love for his son?

Roger had previously said that he would name his son Ace if the child was a boy. 

However, what remains a question is whether the name of the sword has a major influence on naming his son or vice versa.

Shanks' cry

One Piece: The Unsolved Mysteries of Gol D. Roger!

This is one of the question marks as well as a big mystery that appears throughout the series. 

Many fans are curious about the scene where Shanks cries in front of Roger. 

As we know, Roger has long accepted Shanks into his crew. 

The relationship between Shanks and Roger we can even say is very close. 

The proof is how Roger is willing to bequeath his straw hat to Shanks.

That is, Roger has great confidence in the figure of Shanks. 

However, there could also be other connections between the two of them. 

This is what then makes many fans curious to this day. 

Some fans assumed that Shanks felt that he owed him what Roger had done to him – by accepting him as a crew and taking care of him.

Shanks was probably sad that he had to part ways with the man he considered his own father. 

However, there is also other speculation growing among fans stating that Shanks feels guilty towards Roger.

People considered Shanks to be the cause of Roger's incurable disease. 

He was the one who made Roger suffer from a mysterious illness, which Crocus himself was unable to deal with. As revealed in the booklet Road To Laugh Tale Vol. 1, there is a complex feeling behind the cry.

Roger's dream

One Piece: The Unsolved Mysteries of Gol D. Roger!

As long as the One Piece series has been running since two decades ago, Monkey D. Luffy's dream has always been the same, which is to find One Piece and become a pirate king. 

Luffy's dream is continuously discussed in almost every arc. 

Luffy is very optimistic and believes that he will one day become the pirate king. 

However, is becoming the pirate king and finding the Laugh Tale also a big dream of the figure of Gol D Roger?

If not, why then was he trying to get to Laugh Tale? 

Talking about Roger's big dream, there is an interesting fact. In chapter 966, we saw how Oden, Roger, and Whitebeard sat together. 

Roger then told what his biggest dream was.

After hearing this, Whitebeard and Oden looked very surprised and surprised to hear that as if they couldn't believe what they heard. 

This then raises curiosity among the fans. 

With his extraordinary figure, as well as the achievements he has achieved, what exactly is Roger's biggest dream? 

Unfortunately, Oda did not present what Roger's big dream was in that chapter.

An interesting fact then emerged, where what happened in chapter 966 turned out to be similar to what happened in chapter 585. 

At that time, Ace said that he would never run away from anyone in order to protect the person he loves behind his back. 

Hearing this, Luffy expressed his dream. 

However, what happened was that Ace and Sabo were surprised to hear that. 

In fact, Sabo thinks Luffy is a crazy and dangerous figure that deserves to be watched out for.

With all the reputation and great influence in the story in the series, Gol D. Roger still has many unsolved mysteries. 

With the One Piece series coming to an end in the next few years, and the story already entering its peak phase, hopefully Oda Sensei can reveal information about Roger's big secret.

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