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One Piece 1054: Oda Prepared Buggy To Be A Yonko For A Long Time?

One Piece 1054: Oda Prepared Buggy To Be A Yonko For A Long Time?

It was a surprise when Buggy was announced as the new Yonko. 

The reason is that after the defeat of Big Mom and Kaido in the Wano Country arc, it really changed the map of power that occurred in the world of One Piece. 

This is in accordance with what many parties predict, such as one of them is the navy. 

Before the great war broke out, they suspected that the epic battle at Wano would be a major event that changed the balance of the world. 

The reason is, the battle in Wano involved many parties, one of which was the Yonko.

The Yonko are one of the great powers in the One Piece world, apart from the navy and the World Government. 

The fall of one of them, or even two at once, naturally changed the balance of world power. 

Not wanting that to happen, after Kaido and Big Mom's defeat, they finally quickly appointed Kaido and Big Mom's replacement as Yonko.

This is as we know in chapter 1052, where Apoo brought a newspaper containing information about the value of their new bounty and also the names that would replace Kaido and Big Mom.

In chapter 1053 it was later revealed who the two names would be the next Yonko. 

It turns out that the two names are Monkey D. Luffy and also Buggy the clown. 

The election of Luffy as the new Yonko may have long been predicted by fans. 

In fact, since the Whole Cake Island arc, Luffy has been considered the fifth Yonko. 

Not to mention that Luffy defeated Kaido, so it makes sense that he would then become the next Yonko.

However, what about the figure of Buggy? 

Many of the fans did not expect this. The reason is, so far Buggy is very rare to appear. 

The last time Buggy appeared was in the Reverie arc, when all the Shichibukai were shown preparing to face the navy.

Who is Buggy?

One Piece 1054: Oda Prepared Buggy To Be A Yonko For A Long Time?

Buggy the clown is the captain of the Buggy pirate group. 

Before becoming the captain of the pirate group, he used to be a regular crew on Roger's ship with Shanks. 

However, after Roger's crew disbanded, he began to build his own name forming his own pirate group.

He is very infatuated with pirates, treasure, and power as well as fame. 

What's interesting is that he is the first enemy that Luffy faces in his adventures in East Blue. 

Buggy himself is actually a user of the devil fruit, the Bara Bara no Mi, where he can separate his body within a certain range. 

This ability is similar to Luffy's Gomu Gomu, only Buggy's Bara Bara no Mi devil fruit is not as effective as Luffy's devil fruit.

Buggy actually had time to be a pirate crew Gol D. Roger along with the figure of Shanks. However, what is interesting is that only Shanks is "successful" with his career as a pirate.

Buggy the clown is often considered "quite weird" compared to the rest of the characters, according to fans' opinion. 

This is because he sometimes feels he lacks confidence, even though he was once part of Roger's pirate crew. 

Even so, Buggy sometimes enjoys the praise and adulation he receives for being on Roger's crew.

After the Marineford war, Buggy went on to become a Shichibukai, however, all that was likely only due to his reputation as Roger's former crew and close relationship with Shanks. 

And as mentioned above, Buggy has officially become the new Yonko replacing Kaido and Big Mom.

Oda Predicted A Long Time

One Piece 1054: Oda Prepared Buggy To Be A Yonko For A Long Time?

In fact, there have been predictions about Buggy's election as a Yonko for a long time. 

In an article in 2020, it was written that Buggy was one of the most attractive candidates to become one of the Yonko. 

However, on the other hand, Eiichiro Oda himself had long predicted Buggy to become a Yonko. 

Oda has been giving hints about this since 2002, aka about 20 years ago.

Oda Sensei gave a hint about it through the cover image in the One Piece manga volume 25. 

In the picture, there are four familiar people. They are Luffy, Shanks, Blackbeard, and also Buggy. 

The manga contains stories from 227 to 236, where Luffy is currently in Mock Town and trying to go to Sky Island. Blackbeard is still not a Yonko, and Buggy is still a regular pirate.

This moment seems to show again the genius of Oda, and also how Oda Sensei always brings surprises that fans never expect. 

And with the One Piece series coming to an end in the next few years, it's interesting to see what other surprises Oda will have in store for fans.

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