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One Piece 1053 Spoilers: Luffy, Kid and Law's Bounty and Yonkou Buggy's Status Trigger Debate!

One Piece 1053 Spoilers: Luffy, Kid and Law's Bounty and Yonkou Buggy's Status Trigger Debate!

One Piece 1053 brings some surprising facts, such as Money D. Luffy and Buggy being the new Yonkou, not Trafalgar Law or Eustass Kid.

Another surprise, Law and Kid will share the same bounty with Luffy, which amounts to 3,000,000,000 belly. 

Of course, some fans will be angry at this nominal.

Well, when One Piece Chapter 1053 first leaked, fans debated whether Luffy should have the same bounty as Law and Kid.

Remember, the Straw Hat pirate captain has awakened his Devil Fruit, which the government has been pursuing for over 800 years. 

Luffy obviously has to be public enemy number one.

Some readers defended it by saying that the World Government wanted to cover up its true power.

However, as per an updated leak, Luffy's wanted poster features Gear Fifth.

Some fans believe this presents a big problem as now the whole world is aware of Luffy's incredible power.

Some readers also believe that Luffy shouldn't have the same bounty as Law and Kid.

The argument is that Luffy did more work during the Onigashima Offensive.

It was he who led the alliance to defeat Kaido, the strongest being in the world. 

But somehow, Law and Kid have a much higher bounty increase.

It should be noted that the stronger or more difficult the obstacles faced by a person will be in line with the increase in the bounty the higher the value.

This could explain why Luffy's new bounty doesn't see a bigger jump like Kid and Law.

Of course, Luffy fans will have a problem with the newest bounty.

Luffy had a bigger role in the Onigashima Offensive. 

He also defeated Kaido while Law and Kid teamed up to defeat Big Mom.

Last but not least, the Gorosei clearly prioritized his death over anyone else. They even bet that Kaido was able to kill Luffy.

However other fans have also pointed out that Oda has been consistent with the shared bounty approach.

During the Dressrosa arc, Luffy and Law managed to take down the Donquixote Pirates. 

They both received the same bounty, even though Luffy was the one who defeated Doflamingo.

If you look at what happened before, then everything becomes more realistic in One Piece 1053.

Remember, Kid and Law are supposed to be Luffy's rivals. 

The World Government also remembers alliances, which is why they were grouped together in One Piece 1053.

For the most part, Law and Kid fans have plenty of reasons to celebrate the fantastic bounty rise.

One of them, the World Government recognizes them as an equal threat to Luffy. 

But there are still some Law and Kid fans who are not happy with Buggy.

One Piece 1053 Spoilers: Luffy, Kid and Law's Bounty and Yonkou Buggy's Status Trigger Debate!

Not everyone found the "Buggy D. Clown" joke funny. 

Some readers even feel unappreciated because Law and Kid is not recognized as the new Yonkou.

They managed to defeat Big Mom, whose bounty exceeded their original bounty.

When One Piece Chapter 1053 first leaked, some readers thought the information that Buggy was a Yonkou was fake.

Now that the information is becoming more real, they believe the joke has gone too far.

Besides talking about Luffy, Buggy's fans are actually very happy for the villain. 

Some of those fans have been reading the manga from the start.

Of course, they would have an emotional bond with Buggy. He's been in the One Piece series for almost 25 years!

It should be noted that Buggy's extraordinary luck is also a major theme in the storyline.

Through a series of lucky coincidences, he managed to become a Warlord before the system was abolished.

Buggy finally became a Yonkou which was predicted long before One Piece 1053. 

Although his steps were often hampered, this is the time for him to achieve that status.

Anyway One Piece 1053 will generate a lot of heated discussion. Some readers will celebrate the new bounty, while others will debate who deserves the best amount.

Buggy's rise to Yonko status will also be a major topic of conversation for the weeks to come.

For better or for worse, this chapter will create a lot of social media talk. Especially when One Piece is on hiatus for the next month.

DISCLAIMER: The discussion of One Piece 1053 here is not intended to precede the content of the story and is for entertainment purposes only.

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