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One Piece 1053 Spoilers: The Reason Why Buggy Can Be Made The New Yonkou

The One Piece 1053 spoiler that circulated this morning was quite a shock to fans.

The One Piece 1053 spoiler reveals several important things that will happen in this week's story.

One of them is that in One Piece 1053 it will be revealed who will be the new Yonkou who replaces Kaido and Big Mom.

It is mentioned in the One Piece 1053 spoiler that it turns out that the new Yonkou are Luffy and Buggy.

The appointment of Buggy as the new Yonkou was certainly very surprising for the fans.

Because previously fans thought that the next Yonkou would be Kid, Law, or Luffy.

In addition, other strong characters involved in the war in the Wano Arc are also predicted to become Yonkou.

However, in the spoiler that circulated this morning, it was revealed that it turned out that Oda had decided that Buggy and Luffy would become the new Yonkou.

What is the real reason behind Buggy's appointment as a Yonkou?

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Check out the explanation based on the theory expressed by the following fans.

The appointment of Luffy to become a Yonkou is certainly not surprising because he has succeeded in defeating Kaido who became a Yonkou before.

However, when Buggy was appointed as a Yonkou, there were a lot of questions from fans.

There are reasons and theories expressed by fans that can underlie the choice of Buggy to become a Yonkou.

Based on the facts that existed before, it seemed only fitting that Buggy became a Yonkou.

The reason is that Buggy is a former crew of the Roger Pirates who was in the same class as the previous Yonkou, Shanks.

In addition, Buggy also already has a territory which is one of the requirements to become a Yonkou.

This was even revealed since the beginning of the One Piece story, precisely in chapter eight some time ago.

It was revealed that the place that Luffy's group visited was the territory of the Buggy Pirates.

Buggy also has a fairly influential political role, it is based on his experience as a Shichibukai.

As is known, the world is currently focused on Luffy who has defeated Kaido, the strongest being in the world.

Buggy has a close relationship with Luffy which is quite troublesome for the Straw Hat captain.

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Buggy was the only person who was about to chop off Luffy's head.

However, this was not done because there was a disturbance from nature in the form of lightning that suddenly struck them.

In addition, Luffy's actions in and out of Impel Down are thanks to Buggy, one of them.

Another reason is that Oda may have planned to make Buggy a Yonkou on One Piece's 25th anniversary in July 2022.

This is as known from the foreshadow manga One Piece volume 25 which shows the appearance of Buggy with Shanks, Blackbeard, and Luffy.

Is it true that the reason Buggy became a Yonkou was as stated above?

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