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One Piece 1054 Spoilers: One Piece Ryokugyu Is a Former Wano Samurai?

One Piece 1054 Spoilers: One Piece Ryokugyu Is a Former Wano Samurai?

In addition to Kizaru, Sengoku, Garp, and Sakazuki, Ryokugyu follows the names of the navy who are famous for the awesomeness of their power in One Piece. 

On the other hand, they are also famous for their extraordinary fighting ability.

Although so far we have known the strength of most of the admirals, but there are also navies that are still mysterious about their strength, one of which is admiral Ryokugyu aka Green Bull. 

In fact, we still don't know about his identity.

Ryokugyu is an admiral in the central navy, where he and Fujitora are new admirals who replace Sakazuki and Kuzan. 

Unfortunately, even though we've seen Fujitora in action, we still haven't seen how the Green Bull is in action.

With the mysterious figure of the Green Bull, many fans are finally interested in this figure. 

Unfortunately, Oda still hasn't shown his character again until chapter 1052 yesterday.

In that chapter we saw how the Green Bull flew towards Wano, using his devil fruit. 

The appearance of Green Bull in Wano itself surprised many fans, because no one expected it before. 

Then, what is the goal of Green Bull to Wano? Does Green Bull have any connection to Wano?

Green Bull Is a Wano Samurai?

One Piece 1054 Spoilers: One Piece Ryokugyu Is a Former Wano Samurai?

Talking about the Green Bull, there was some speculation about his figure. 

His own speculations suggest that it is possible that Green Bull was a former samurai in Wano. 

Specifically, the speculation states that there is a possibility if the Green Bull is Shimotsuki Ushimaru.

In the story we learn that the Green Bull has not eaten in the last three years. In chapter 1024 yesterday, we saw the figure of Ushimaru trapped in Kaido's cave. 

When little Yamato cries of hunger, Ushimaru says that he is not hungry, a samurai will never feel hungry.

Based on this, the speculation is that the Green Bull admiral is Shimotsuki Ushimaru, the legendary samurai of Wano.

In addition to clues about not eating for three years, there are also other clues that suggest that the Green Bull is Ushimaru. 

One of them is when the chapter shows the figure of Ushimaru wearing the clothes of a samurai, there is a logo or image on the back that is similar to the image of a bull/ox.

Ushimaru and also the other Daimyo who were confined in the prison were shown to have managed to escape. 

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding what happened to them. 

Are they fighting Kaido? Or do they have other plans?

Ryokugyu From Wano?

One Piece 1054 Spoilers: One Piece Ryokugyu Is a Former Wano Samurai?

In addition to speculation about the Green Bull being a Wano samurai, there is also another speculation that it is possible that the admiral is from Wano.

His own speculation says that the appearance of the Green Bull to Wano is to revisit his homeland.

Moreover, previously there had been a great battle between Luffy's alliance and also Kaido and Big Mom which attracted the attention of many people. 

The appearance of Green Bull to Wano is certainly not possible without a cause. Moreover, he moved beyond Sakazuki's orders.

The sudden appearance of the Green Bull in Wano reminds us of the figure of Izou who also appeared suddenly before the battle in Onigashima took place. 

Izou appears because he cares about his homeland, especially when he hears that Luffy will fight Kaido.

Reflecting on what happened to Izou, this is also possible. 

Green Bull may not have come to attack the Straw Hat crew but rather look back on the big changes in Wano after Kaido's defeat. 

What do you think?

Do you agree that Green Bull is from Wano?

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