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One Piece: Is There a “Secret” in Wano Land?

Wano is an area full of mysteries and question marks. 

One of the biggest mysteries that emerges in the story is the reason why Wano closed their borders. 

In addition, there is also a story that says that Wano was once a very rich area with abundant gold.

This means that Wano is an important place and has a long history in the world of One Piece.

Talking about the secrets that exist in the Wano area, there is an interesting thing that appeared in chapter 1049 yesterday. After a very epic and long fight, Luffy finally managed to conquer Kaido. 

Even though Luffy was overwhelmed in the face of Kaido, he never gave up. Luffy continues to struggle and gets back up again.

And after Luffy managed to awaken his devil fruit power the situation started to turn around. Luffy was able to provide resistance to Kaido, and even made Kaido surprised by the tremendous power that Luffy showed. 

In the end, in chapter 1048 yesterday Luffy beat Kaido with his strongest attack so far, Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun.

The attack from Bajrang Gun was actually able to subdue Kaido. In fact, Kaido got to the ground in the Flower Capital. 

Although there is still no information about Kaido's condition, and whether Kaido has really lost, this moment can be said to be interesting. 

Why is that? It is possible that Oda might be keeping a "secret" in the Wano underground.

Something Under Wano?

If geeks pay attention to how Kaido lost, this is very similar to how Big Mom lost to Kid and Law. With their combined attack Big Mom managed to get blown away from Onigashima, and was even buried underground in the Flower Capital. This also raises big questions among fans. 

Why did Kaido and Big Mom have to lose by being buried underground, especially in the underground of the Flower Capital?

This is what then led to a speculation that there might be a "secret" under the Wano underground. 

As mentioned above, Wano is a very influential area and has a long history. 

And so far, Oda Sensei still hasn't provided a detailed explanation or information about this closed area.

Only some information that Oda has presented in the story, such as how Wano deliberately closed the border to prepare for the arrival of Joy Boy. Or how Wano used to be a very rich region with so much gold. 

However, of course there is another reason why Wano is so special. 

To the extent that Kaido deliberately came and tried to be able to conquer or control Wano.

One of the interesting speculations regarding the reason why Kaido and Big Mom lost by being buried underground is because of ancient weapons. 

As many fans have previously speculated, Wano may be the home of one of the ancient weapons, Uranus. 

Uranus, as we know it, is still a mystery in both its existence and form.

Why then the speculation that one of the ancient weapons, namely Uranus is in Wano can arise? 

This has something to do with the mythological story of the figure of Uranus itself. In Greek mythology, Uranus is the god of the sky. 

That is, he can regulate or control the weather as he pleases. 

And speaking of the sky and weather, this is in accordance with the conditions in the Wano area.

Wano Condition in One Piece

If geeks pay attention, the weather conditions in Wano are very mysterious. In various regions in Wano, the weather is different and very extreme. 

For example, in the Ringo region heavy snow and cold weather becomes something very torturous. 

Then, in the Udon area, we can see how the pollution and thick smoke makes the entire population in the area suffer.

In addition to the extreme weather in various regions, we can also see how the weather conditions in the Wano Sea are. 

It is very difficult for someone to enter the Wano area because of the big waves and also the lightning that strikes. No wonder many ships were destroyed while trying to get to Wano. 

This of course raises the question of what makes the area in Wano like that? One of the speculations could be that it was because of Uranus' ancient weapon.

Based on this, it seems natural that Wano will become very difficult for anyone to visit. 

It is possible that Uranus' ancient weapon buried in Wano was deliberately kept active to protect its inhabitants. 

And it takes someone to then be able to control or control this ancient weapon of Uranus. 

Is the figure Luffy or Momonosuke? We still have to wait.

Other Meaning

Apart from Oda Sensei giving hints that there is something very extraordinary buried in Wano, there could be other reasons why Oda presents the same two moments. 

Then, what other meaning does Oda want to convey? 

It could be that Oda wants to give a hint that it's time for the old era to be buried or destroyed. As geeks know, Kaido and Big Mom are representatives of the old era.

And throughout the Wano arc, we have often seen how Oda presents a message about the emergence of a new era that will replace the old era. In fact, Marco himself admits that now is the era of a new generation. 

Kozuki Oden's notebook also notes that a new power will emerge that will make a big change to Wano and the world .

Who is this new great power? None other than Luffy and the Worst Generation currently in Wano. 

They are the ones who will give and bring about the big changes to this world as previously predicted. 

With the One Piece story nearing its end, Oda seems to have started wanting to show the inheritance of will which has been one of the main themes of the story.

By "burying" Kaido and Big Mom into the ground, it means that it's time for a new era to replace the old era. 

The world will also face something different with the emergence of this new generation, which the World Government will certainly feel threatened. Let's just wait, what will happen next in the next chapter.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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