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One Piece 1051 Reddit Spoiler: Wano Kuni Is In Danger, Buster Call Order Has Been Started


Some One Piece 1051 spoilers from Reddit have surfaced and brought new surprises in this Wano Arc.

It is stated that Wano Kuni is now facing further danger from the World Government in One Piece 1051.

It turns out that the World Government and the Navy have agreed to carry out the Buster Call's orders against the land of Wano.

Here's the One Piece 1051 spoiler regarding the Buster Call Wano order that has started.

The chapter will begin by mentioning the whereabouts of Kaido's Road Poneglyph, which is unknown until now.

This red Poneglyph search mission will still be carried out by Brook and Robin, who can now focus more because Kaido's troops and enemy alliances have been defeated.

The two of them wouldn't return to the Flower Capital right away because it was very likely that 

Kaido's Road Poneglyph was still hidden within Onigashima castle.

then the next scene will show the adult human form of Momonosuke who is very similar to his father Kozuki Oden.

Several members of Akazaya were also seen escorting him and the appearance of Momonosuke will be accompanied by Denjiro who will introduce him as the new Shogun of Wano.

Momonosuke's posture probably won't be much different from the posture of a samurai in general who has a stocky and big body.

His face is almost similar to Oden's, but Momonosuke now has long, long ponytails.

The next scene will most likely show the figure of a CP0 agent who managed to escape from Onigashima in the previous few chapters.

The agent was currently reporting everything that had happened in Onigashima to the Gorosei in Mariejoa.

He said that the current situation was out of control, Straw Hat Luffy managed to defeat Yonkou Kaido with a very absurd ability.

This will certainly complicate their plans to take over the country of Wano.

Then the story seems to be showing the situation inside Pangea Mariejoa's castle where the Gorosei are.

A very tense situation was shown because the Gorosei looked very angry after hearing the report.

They did not think that Kaido and Big Mom would be defeated by a bunch of Supernovas.

But here the Gorosei will focus more on the figure of Luffy who managed to defeat Kaido alone.

After learning that Luffy defeated Kaido with a very absurd ability.

Gorosei is increasingly convinced that the power of the legendary Hito Hito no Mi, model Nika, who has been sleeping for 800 years has been resurrected by Luffy.

One of the Gorosei also explained that it would destabilize the balance of the world they had been guarding.

Then the bald Gorosei contacted the number one person in the Navy, Akainu.

He asked Akainu to send a large army of Marines to invade Wano as quickly as possible.

But Akainu flatly refused the order because Wano is not a country that is part of the World Government.

The bald gorosei also said that both Yonkou Kaido and Big mom had been defeated by Luffy the Straw Hat and his alliance.

Then Akainu suddenly looked furious with a face full of anger.

Not long after, the Fleet Admiral immediately announced the Buster Call order for the land of Wano.

Became furious to hear the news and not long after that Akainu also announced the order Buster Call for the land of Wano.

Then back to Mariejoa, it looks like someone contacted one of the Gorosei and it was Rob Lucci.

He reported to the Gorosei that he and the other CP0 agents had now arrived at Wano and were preparing to receive further orders.

The Buster Call order is a very reasonable thing considering the World Government can't do much with Luffy who has reached Awakening.

Their previous mission to kill Luffy had failed and they couldn't help but wipe out the entire island.

That's the One Piece 1051 spoiler from Reddit regarding the Buster Call order which is currently the next threat to Wano country.

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