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One Piece 1051: The Reason Oda Sensei Didn't Resurrect Kaido


One Piece 1051: The Reason Oda Sensei Didn't Resurrect Kaido

There is speculation in One Piece 1051 that Kaido as the strongest being in the world will rise again and fight.

However, if it is true that in One Piece 1051 later the yonkou will wake up and start the fight again, there are several problems faced.

For example, who will fight Kaido with the condition that everyone is tired from the long battle before.

Well, here is the discussion of One Piece 1051 regarding the problems faced if Kaido gets back up again.

Luffy is the strongest member of the alliance, and if his strongest figure can't bring down Kaido, who and what can?

Kid and Law had exhausted their strength against Big Mom, Luffy and Zoro were unconscious after their respective battles.

Whereas The Scabbards and Marco didn't have the ability strong enough to defeat him, so who was against him?

Then, not allowing the villain to be defeated would create further complications, which would surely trap the author himself.

Then, Oda Sensei has finished the action and drama in this war, and is now starting to write what happened after the war happened.

How stupid it would be for Momonosuke to announce that Kaido had lost and left, and it turns out that the yonkou got back up and was fine.

If that's the case then they will continue to struggle, and this could have been a terrible decision for the writer.

On the other hand, there are also those who think that the alliance attack in Wano must fail. In this Wano arc there is a three-act structure.

First the Onigashima Wano segment, then Monkey God Gun Luffy vs Flame Bagua Kaido is a derivative action, and is currently in the completion phase.

One Piece 1051: The Reason Oda Sensei Didn't Resurrect Kaido

There are some readers who ask that this so-called awkward story, move from climax and resolution back to disaster and crisis of the second act.

Of course, it would be very wasteful if there was a second crisis again, because it completely canceled what they had fought for during this war against Kaido.

In addition, Nekomamushi who announced Luffy's victory was considered celebrating prematurely. Not. The narrator says the same thing.

When Oden survived the hour-long boiling, he thought Kaido would keep his word, and let him go like the rest of the citizens did.

However, it turns out that Kaido didn't do that, and it doesn't matter if Oden survives the incident, because there is still Kaido who is strong enough to beat them all as they are.

This is not the climax and resolution to a problem, so it is not comparable to what happened in chapter 1050.

However, keep in mind that this is only One Piece 1051's consideration if Kaido finally gets back up to fight Luffy.

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