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One Piece 1051 Reddit Spoiler: The Moment of Yamato Joining SHP and Monkey D. Luffy's Declaration of Victory

Kaido is defeated and everyone is almost done celebrating. That will be a surprise in this One Piece 1051 spoiler from Reddit.

Momonosuke has been crowned Shogun in One Piece 1051. Luffy has stated Wano under his protection is similar to Fish-Man Island.

Yamato wants to go out and sail with Luffy, but he feels a responsibility to serve Wano and repent for all the damage his father has caused.

However, no matter what he did to help, or how much Momo defended him, the people of Wano still feared and hated him.

Momo noticed that Yamato was not really happy and he told him, despite his objections, that he should follow his dream and asked to join Luffy's crew.

Momo knew how much Yamato wanted adventure,to carry out Oden's will, and find out what the pages of his lost journal said. The Secret Story of Laughter.

The country will be fine as it still has the strong Samurai and Zunesha to protect it.

Luffy and the Crew have just left the harbor and are about to set sail for a new adventure (possibly Elbaf).

But suddenly a big chain got caught in the mast of Sunny's ship.

It was Yamato, dragging onto the ship at the end of the chain (like how Oden joined the Whitebeard   Pirates).

Everyone was shocked and Luffy asked him what he was doing.

With a smile on his face, Yamato declared that he was Kozuki Oden and he would venture into Laugh Tale just like Oden did.

Luffy refused. Shocked and confused, Yamato asked why?

Luffy says that he doesn't want Oden in his crew because everyone respects Oden and he is already continuing his adventure.

He then asks if he really wants to join his crew?

We see some flashback panels of Yamato's childhood, his meeting with Ace, and Kaido's words about how he will never find the one who accepts him because she is Oni and Kaido's daughter.

Emotional that she will finally have a family that will accept her for who she is.

She states that she is Yamato, Kaido's daughter, and that she will join Luffy's crew. Everyone cheers!

It's definitely not going to play out exactly like this. Oda would definitely do better.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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