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One Piece: Is This Luffy's New Enemy?

The long battle between Monkey D. Luffy against one of the most powerful Yonko in the world today, 

Kaido, is finally over. Luffy finally became the winner of the most epic duel in the One Piece series to date. 

Many interesting and extraordinary moments occurred throughout the fight between the two, such as how Luffy managed to awaken his devil fruit.

Luffy's victory over Kaido is not easy. Luffy had to be unconscious several times due to a powerful attack from Kaido. In fact, Luffy had lost in the fight before then he got back up. 

However, Kaido is certainly not the last opponent for Luffy. There will be many other obstacles that Luffy must face before becoming the pirate king. 

Here are some of the characters that Luffy might face next.

Sakazuki (Akainu)

Akainu alias Sakazuki himself was initially only known as one of the strongest Admirals of the navy, along with Aokiji and Kizaru. However, his name began to be "famous" since the big fight at 

Marineford. Also when he killed Ace in front of Luffy's eyes. 

The fight between Luffy and Sakazuki became one of the battles that fans hoped could happen. Because, the fight is personal.

Fans will be expecting Luffy to avenge his brother by the way Luffy defeated Sakazuki. 

With Luffy's strength now that has increased greatly, even Luffy has now managed to awaken his devil fruit, the fight against Akainu will be able to go well. It is also not impossible if in this fight there will be help from the figure of Sabo.


The fight between Luffy and Blackbeard is one of the most anticipated battles by fans in the One Piece series. The fight between the two will be a fierce battle to determine who the true pirate king is. 

Since his appearance and the excitement that made the navy dizzy, Luffy's figure has also received the attention of Blackbeard.

Each of them has the same ambition to become the pirate king. Blackbeard himself is currently filling the vacant Yonko position after Whitebeard died in the battle at Marineford. 

While Luffy is still a pirate figure who challenges all Yonko to realize his ambition. 

Many predictions say that Blackbeard will be the last obstacle or obstacle that Luffy will face.

Im in One Piece

So far, we still don't know who Im really is. We don't know how much power it has yet. However, he certainly has an important position in the World Government organization. 

Im is the person who is responsible for various events that occur in this series such as the massacre of the Ohara people and also the lost century 800 years ago.

Luffy dreams of destroying everything that stands in the way of people's freedom, which means Luffy will destroy the World Government. And the final challenge for Luffy to be able to create peace and freedom throughout the world is to defeat the powerful figure, Im. 

Does Im really have great power? Is Im a strong person? All these questions will be answered in his duel against Luffy.

World Government in One Piece

The World Government is the organization that governs all life in the world of One Piece. In other words, they are the rulers of the world. Those who create and design existing systems. 

Although the name sounds very interesting, but actually the World Government does not really bring the world balance for the sake of peace

All of these things were deliberately done by the World Government so that the various powers – such as the Yonko or the Shichibukai – would continue to fight each other or at least remain in their current position. 

After the great war in Onigashima, this epic battle against the World Government will be the next big war which could be the closing story of the One Piece series.

Luffy still has many obstacles that he must face next to be able to go to the last island and find One Piece and become the pirate king. 

One of the challenges that Luffy has to face is that there are other parties who might want to get in Luffy's way. 

Will Luffy be able to face these obstacles? Let's just wait for the continuation of the story!

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