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One Piece 1051 Spoiler: Is It True That Luffy's Real Father is Roger?

The true father figure of Monkey D Luffy still holds various mysteries until One Piece 1051.

One of the mysteries until One Piece 1051 was whether Luffy's father was Monkey D Dragon or Gol D Roger.

From the clues that Eiichiro Oda gave, fans actually believe that Luffy's real father is not Dragon.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1051 regarding Roger as Luffy's biological father.

As Oda has shown in the manga, Roger and Luffy say the exact same line about their dream.

Apart from wanting to become the Pirate King, both of them also don't want to conquer anything and just want to adventure in the ocean.

Then about another dream that Oda still hasn't revealed seems to have been revealed in yesterday's chapter.

That other dream was one that took Sabo and Ace by surprise when Luffy revealed it as a child.

That other dream was also the dream that Roger mentioned in front of Oden and Whitebeard that managed to surprise him.

Yamato is one of the others who learned of the dream from Ace when the two met in Wano.

The dream was spoken by Luffy in the second he beat Kaido with his giant fist.

That is Luffy apparently wants all his friends to never feel hungry and can eat to their heart's content.

Indeed, many fans believe that there is something wrong about Ace, who is Roger's son.

Because as is known, Garp had promised Roger that he would protect his son from anything to prevent him from dying.

In fact, at Marineford, Garp could only stand when Akainu tried to kill Ace who was running away with Luffy.

Moreover, Oda also never showed Luffy's mother and we know that Ace loves Luffy and Sabo like his brothers.

So when Garp brought Luffy to Dadan to be safe and raised, Ace actually already knew that the Straw Hat captain was Roger's son.

But to protect his adopted brother, Ace told and believed everyone that he was Roger's son.

We can see in Ace's flashback, he fought a group of people who were talking bad things in front of him and he beat up those people.

At that time Ace actually looked like he was angry because the group of people said bad things about Luffy's father who was actually Roger.

Moreover, we also know that Ace always hates and gets angry when Roger's name is mentioned in front of him.

Then another proof is that when Dragon saw Luffy's news, the leader of the Revolutionary Army didn't seem to care at all because he didn't show any expression.

Therefore Garp is believed to hide Luffy and his true identity by saying that Ace is Roger's son.

When in fact Luffy is Roger's son and Ace is Dragon's son.

Luffy has the same determination as Roger even from appearances to his dreams are very similar.

Luffy also said the exact same sentence as Roger in front of Rayleigh and it made the Pirate King's right-hand man surprised.

Coupled with the latest fact that after 20 years of running this manga, it turns out that Luffy's devil fruit name is not Gomu Gomu no Mi but Nika's Hito Hito no Mi model.

This of course makes fans skeptical of Oda who always hides something about the main character, Luffy.

It will be interesting to see how Oda will reveal Luffy's real family in One Piece 1051 and the next chapters.

Of course, it will also be answered after One Piece 1051 whether Luffy's real father is Gol D Roger.

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