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One Piece 1050: Kaido and Big Mom Find a Secret Weapon Under Wano Kuni Island

Finally spoilers from One Piece 1050 have been released with confirmation of Luffy's victory over Kaido.

In One Piece 1050, entitled Victory, Reiji and Ichiji save Niji and Yonji.

After being hit by Luffy's punch, Kaido apparently fell into the magma under Wano Kuni Island.

It appears in One Piece 1050 that Big Mom also fell into the same place as the yonko, and this is certainly not a coincidence.

Most likely Oda Sensei did plan for them to meet again at that place, but the question is why?

It could be that Big Mom's statement about the existence of gems in Wano Kuni is true, or it is also about ancient weapons here.

Or there are other existences found by them, for example Road Poneglyphs that the rest are still unknown.

Referring to this, one theory once said that the ancient weapon of Uranus was on Wano Kuni Island.

Allegedly the weapon is in the form of a skull buried or sealed under Wano Kuni Island, also known as Gashadokuro.

He is a demon spirit in Japanese mythology, in the form of a giant skeleton, with a body sealed under Wano, his head being a skull in Onigashima.

In the mythology, it is explained that Gashadokuro was once a man named Taira no Masakado, a rebel in Kyoto who became a fugitive.

Taira no Sadamori, his cousin, and Fujiwara no Hidesato killed him in 940, beheaded him and took his head to the capital city in Kyoto for a bounty.

Then the daughter of Masakado who is also a magician and powerful, Takiyashi Hime, felt angry at the murderer of her father for being considered disrespectful.

Then he also made Gashadokuro which consists of the bones of those who died in the battle where Masakado died. Therefore, Gashadokuro was born when the skull was transferred to the Japanese capital.

It could be that Kaido and Big Mom found this sealed weapon for their benefit such as making war.

However, this is still a theory based on One Piece 1050, it is likely that Oda Sensei will give an interesting reason regarding their meeting there.

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