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One Piece 1051: Garp and Roger weren't killed, this turned out to be the cause of Rocks' death in God Valley


The death of the legendary pirate Rocks D Xebec in God Valley still leaves a number of mysteries until One Piece 1051.

One of the mysteries up to One Piece 1051 was the real cause of Rocks' death there.

From the facts that Eiichiro Oda gave, it wasn't Garp and Roger who killed Rocks in God Valley.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1051 regarding the real reason why Rocks died in the God Valley incident.

During the Enies Lobby Arc when Kaku and Kalifa received a devil fruit gift.

Jabra said that a devil fruit user will explode if he gets close to another devil fruit.

But the information he spread was a hoax because he didn't want Kaku and Kalifa to be stronger than him.

However, he later revealed the fact that a person's body would explode to nothing if he ate two devil fruits.

Because according to him the demons in each devil fruit will fight each other and make the user's body explode.

Then Rob Lucci also emphasized that only fools would dare to do that because it would destroy their own bodies.

So that terrible thing seems to really happen if someone eats two devil fruits.

Continuing with the God Valley incident, Rocks is one of the strongest characters in One Piece.

It was proven by him who managed to collect the most powerful and terrible pirates in the world with members such as Kaido, Big Mom, Whitebeard, and Shiki.

With such a strong pirate group, fans still can't believe that Roger and Garp managed to defeat the Rocks pirate group and kill the captain.

It's very unreasonable if a pirate who can make three future Yonkou become his subordinates, died at the hands of Garp and Roger.

Moreover, we know that one Yonkou is proven to be enough to make all Marines and Shichibukai work together like in the Marineford war.

Even according to Garp, a Rayleigh who was Roger's right hand man couldn't just be overcome by one Admiral.

Then in the latest chapter, Kaido has also confirmed that Haki is above all and he uses Roger as the proof.

But Kaido's statement also indirectly explained that Rocks also had the power of a devil fruit when the God Valley incident occurred.

Because if Rocks only relied on the power of his Haki, Kaido should have offended his captain not Roger.

So with these facts, a theory emerged that many fans believe that it wasn't Roger and Garp who killed 

Rocks in the God Valley incident.

But Rocks at that time did attack God Valley with the aim of looking for a strong devil fruit.

Then even though Garp has teamed up with his rival Roger, the two still can't beat the Rocks pirates back.

Rocks then managed to find and eat his second devil fruit in God Valley and a terrible thing suddenly happened.

Rocks' body immediately exploded until nothing was left after eating the second devil fruit.

This is also supported by the fact that none of the Rocks pirate crew was captured by the Navy.

That meant that Garp and Roger didn't completely defeat the Rocks pirate group in God Valley.

So the information about Rocks who was killed by Garp and Roger is very unreasonable.

Moreover, Sengoku never said that Garp and Roger managed to kill Rocks.

He simply explained that the Rocks pirates were no longer alive and were over.

It will be interesting to wait for what exactly caused Rocks to die in the God Valley incident which will be revealed in One Piece 1051 or the next chapters.

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