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Hunter X Hunter: 5 Greatest Nen Users!

Even though he is still a novice Hunter, the figure of Gon Freecs managed to grab the attention of the whole world because of his strength development in Hunter X Hunter. 

Gon is a character who is able to develop very rapidly in a short time. 

Gon manages to master the basic abilities of Nen and also develops various other fighting techniques. 

This is what then makes many people amazed at Gon.
This is also what many enemies fear. 

However, in the world of Hunter x Hunter, of course, there are many other great characters besides Gon. 

These characters are also able to use and master Nen very well. In fact, their Nen abilities are well known to many people. Then, who is this figure?

Krueger Biscuits


Biscuit krueger shows a very terrible aura towards Kilua and Gon. 

The two of them really seemed surprised by Biscuit's abilities and prowess. 

According to Biscuit, the greatest fighters are not those who only rely on one type of Nen. 

The greatest fighters are those who are able to hone and sharpen the abilities of the five types of Nen that exist.

Because of his very mature figure, Biscuit realized what his weakness was. 

With the intelligence and mastery of Nen that he displays, Biscuit is often seen capable of defeating his foes with ease. 

Physical strength is what Biscuit needs to do this.

The Chimera Ant Royal Guard


Chimera Ant Queen is able to bring up children who have great Nen abilities. 

This happened after he developed an interest in Nen users. Besides Meruem, the other strongest child figures were the Royal Guards. Doctor Blythe is one such example. 

He has the ability to heal various fatal wounds.

Meanwhile, Terpsichora's figure was able to increase his fighting efficiency. Shaiapouf is able to harvest or use other people's Nen. 

After that, he was able to "split" himself into various small clone versions. 

Menthuyoupi possesses Nen abilities based on the power of his anger. Even the adult Gon figure couldn't even face them.

The Zodiacs

The Zodiacs are a group of twelve extraordinary Hunters who are Netero's choice. 

After the death of the Chairman, the remaining members chose to become the new Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Staff Advisors. 

Their role in the Hunter Association has not yet appeared and is shown in the anime version of the story.

Each of the members of the Zodiacs is a reference to the Chinese zodiac. 

This is what many fans believe is the reason why they are one of the best Nen users. 

This group is renowned for their extreme Nen abilities. Some of the characters who are part of this group are Ging Freecs, Kurapika, and Botobai Gigante. 

Gon's strength level still can't even match them.

Meruem in Hunter X Hunter


Mereum is one of the most extraordinary characters in the world of Hunter X Hunter. 

He is able to understand various high-level literature, various theories, as well as various complex philosophies. 

Everything Meruem could do and understand in just a few hours after she was born.

Meruem's development level was far above Gon's.

This is one of the reasons why Meruem is then considered a terrible villain. 

Aura Synthesis, which is Meruem's Nen ability, is one of the most extraordinary Nen in the Hunter X Hunter world. 

This ability allows Meruem to extract other people's Nen.

Isaac Netero in Hunter X Hunter


Many fans think that the figure of Isaac Netero is an overpowered character. 

Netero often refutes people's assumptions as the greatest and most powerful Hunter. 

In the moment of the attack on East Gorteau,

Neferpitou flew through the air hoping to destroy humanity. 

Unfortunately, that moment actually endangered Meruem's life.

Unbeknownst to them, Netero managed to face the abilities of the two thanks to the Bodhisattva Hands technique.

 Netero then fought against the Ant King and managed to withstand the terrible power of the villain. 

Netero himself was defeated because Meruem was able to know Netero's weakness and exploit it. 

However, it was still not easy for Meruem to do so.

Nen is one of the unique powers that appears in the Hunter X Hunter series. 

The fans might see more of how Gon Freecs is able to use Nen well. 

However, with the very wide world of Hunter there are many other Nen users who are no less great than Gon. 

Is one of your favorite characters on this list?

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